Showcase Auction! Glass, Porcelain, Electronics, Vintage Army Supply, Vintage Radio & Accessories, Tools & Outdoor, & Much More!

Wednesday, May 6th, 1:00 p.m.

Many local estates, wide selection!

Preview Tuesday 8-5.

Began: 05/06/15 at 1:00 PM EDT
Location: 2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN 46774

Large Auction!



1st Arena: 1:00-5:00 p.m.

 More items to come on Monday & Tuesday!  Still unpacking, listing, & picturing!

Very Large Collection of Radio and Electronic Merchandise

Antiques & Collectibles: Assorted canes; Political pins; Matryoshka dolls; Brass bowl; Cast base lamp with hand-painted shade; Self-sealing 3 gallon oil can; 5 gallon crock; Vintage well pumps; E & M Grain, Inc. rain gauge, marked Monroeville & Edgerton; Victorian electrified ceiling light with glass sconce shades; Large selection of Polaroid Land Cameras, various models including: 80B, 95, 104, 210, 250, 320, & 420; Metal implement seat; Lamson pneumatic tube receiver; Bausch & Lomb microscope top; Vintage storage tins; Smith Premier Typewriter No. 2; Griswold #8 waffle iron; The Computing Scale Co. No. 56 computing scale; Chadwick Magic Brain Calculator; Metron tachometer; Shell glass pane; Monroe calculating machine; Simpson Electric Co. ammeter; Vintage cast iron grinder; Assorted oil cans; x2 Felt & Tarrant Comptometer; Desktop engraver; Radio City Products Co. Inc. Model 657; Detecto Scales Detecto-Gram No. 55003; Stanley No. 20 wood plane; Stanley No. 48 wood plane; Stanley No. 45 wood plane; Large selection of Allen county horse drawn vehicle license plates, 1958-1966; Post Office box glass front doors; Stromberg-Carlston wall telephone; Spencer microscope; Vintage Corona folding typewriter with carrying case; Samuel Nafew Co. number press; Wallace & Tiernan Products US Army altimeter No. 6; US Army Blasting Machine 10-cap; Vintage leather-wrapped cigarette lighter; Busch Hand-Augenspiegel Nr. 454, with lenses, made in Germany; Electro Surgical Instrument Co. medical tools; Boehm otoscope; Fidelity Electric Co. blasting machine; Vintage helmets, including Shore Patrol, Air Force, & firefighters; Lifetime Baumanometer sphygmomanometer, desk model, (blood pressure meter); Antique catcher’s mask; Bausch & Lomb No. 399 optometry device; Selection of railroad lanterns, including Dietz, J.M. Everhart, & others; Edison Fireside Phonograph, combination type; Brass ram figure; Western Cartridge Company wood crate; Large wooden mallet; International Time Recording wood-frame time clock, very cool; Large Excel lunch pail; Quik Line tape pen; Vintage padlocks; Kodak Timer ; Triner 3 lb. scale, model 800; The Rayoscope enlarger; 7 Valero silverplate goblets; 9 1/2″ International Silver Co. 96 oz. silverplate double-handled bowl, U.S.C.G. and US shield on front; Assorted pieces of silverplate to include: trays, plates, teapot, creamers, heart trays, etc.; Staffordshire plates & other porcelain plates; 2 German oval plates; Detecto Scales No. 2 10 lb. scale; 1970-71 Haley Elementary PTA scrapbook, Fort Wayne, IN; Telechron clock model 715; Cenco scale base; Assorted hanging scales; Vintage tackle box with fishing supply; Metal ammunition box; Oliver Typewriter Co. No. 5 Standard Visible Writer; US Army 145mm Artillery Trainer slide rule; Delta Electric Company 2-way electric lamp; Unitron lens set; Whiteman Krazy Ikes plastic blocks; Assorted sadirons; Columbia Grafonola No. B38898; Vintage fur scarf; “99 Historic Homes of Indiana – A Look Inside” by Bill Shaw book; Assorted needlepoint & fancywork; Uhl Pottery crock, Huntington, IN; Brown glaze crock jug; 1 gallon crock jug; Assorted quilts; Brio abacus with clock, made in Sweden; Utility pole insulator rack with insulators; Charles Lindbergh poster; Kodak Kodaslide Projector Master Model, with case; Marx tin litho tractor, still works!; Goose hood ornament; Snow White tray & child’s dishes; Tin litho Army tank; Schaefer Beer glasses & metal tray; Remo Weather King banjo; Crosa figural clock; Cordial set with liqueur dispenser; Remington Rand coasters, Fort Wayne business; Jewelry box with costume jewelry; Cast iron rooster doorstop; Silverplate basket with cobalt glass inset; New Haven Lumber & Supply Co. sliding yard stick; Vintage microscope lab set; Hot Wheels Car Wash & Service Station; Vintage General baseball mitt & ball; Galaxy Explorer electronic tabletop pinball game; Auburn Rubber racecar; Nobility Plate silverplate flatware with case; Community wood child’s toy truck; Wooden train sets; Wooden doll house with furniture; Children’s toy piano; Fisher-Price doctor bag; Assorted Canadian coinage, some from mid-1800’s; Copper boiler; Assorted Longaberger baskets, some with liners, one blue basket; 105mm M148 shell casing; Star Trek action figures; Monroe computing machine; Large concave reflector on stand; Enamelware pot & double-boiler; Howe small platform scale; Hartmann fold-out steamer trunk; Large Coca-Cola metal sign; 3 piece red metal sewing basket; Brass tea kettle, 9 1/2″ tall; Copper tea kettle, wood handle, 8 1/2″ tall; Brass salt & pepper shakers; Fancy woman’s hair brush, ivory with gold accents; Assorted picture frames; Leich 901b telephone; Coleman lantern; Crockery; Copper boilers; Many vintage Indiana license plates; Blue Ball jars with zinc lids; Dayton Hobart style 650 scale;  Longaberger baskets; Vintage GE fan; US Standard brass hanging scale; 


Glass & Pottery: Blue enameled cherry pitcher with 5 glasses; Green slag glass covered dish with bear head figural; 9″ marigold carnival hand vase; 8″ marigold carnival press glass vase; 13″ oval marigold carnival berry bowl set with 5 small oval bowls; x2 7″ marigold carnival pitchers; x2 8″ marigold carnival pitchers;  12″ diameter 2 piece marigold carnival fluted punch bowl; 12″ diameter cobalt carnival punch bowl with 4 cups; 10″ diameter Fenton red carnival stretch fluted bowl; Fenton 8″ stretch amberina carnival vase; 7″ iridescent carnival vase; Fenton 7″ carnival goblet; Fenton 8 1/2″ diameter black amethyst carnival bowl; Fenton 6″ reverse amberina carnival bonbon; Fenton 10″ red carnival chop plate, “Frank M. Fenton”, “Birthday”, and “December 1, 2000″ on underside, etched #3944; 9 1/2″ diameter fluted red carnival bowl; Imperial amethyst carnival rabbit; Fenton 4 1/2″ tall amethyst cuspidor; Fenton 7 1/2″ diameter fluted edge red carnival basket, loop handle; Fenton artist signed 7″ white with black & yellow swirl vase, Frank Workman ’07; 9″ cranberry reverse hobnail pitcher; x2 Roseville hanging planters; Roseville 9″ 2 handled vase, 93-9″; Roseville 8″ 2 handled vase, 92-8″; Hull 11″ butterfly 3 footed vase; Hull 8 1/2″ butterfly pitcher; Hull 7 1/2″ butterfly dish; Pair of ?Weller? candleholders; Hull 4″ candleholder; Hull 5 1/2″ 2 handled vase; Hull 8 3/4″ basket; Hull 8 1/2″ vase; 7 1/2″ cornucopia vase; Hull 11″ glazed cornucopia vase; Fluted top 8″ cranberry pitcher; Fluted & ruffled white & blue 12″ bowl; 8” carnival pitcher with seashell motif & 5 glasses, marked with an underlined “M” on bottom; Assorted marigold carnival vases; x3 Aladdin lamps; Kemple milkglass hen-on-nest; Brown & clear Lightning jar; Mason & Golden Harvest jars; Clear 9 1/2″ tall handpainted pitcher; Green 20″ & 22″ tall stretch vases; Pfaltzgraff 8 1/4″ bowl; Floriware Art Pottery 11″ diameter green bowl, Zanesville, OH; Nippon & Austrian dresser boxes; 13″ ruby glass vase; Large set of Johann Haviland china; Indianapolis 500 winner glasses by Libbey Safedge; LaBelle China Chocolate Pot; Chocolate Pot with blue & white flowers; Prussian chocolate pot with 4 cups; Austrian chocolate pot, YURN mark on base; Nippon chocolate pot with rose colored flowers and green leaves on side, lots of gold accent and trim; Nippon chocolate pot, jeweled with heavy gold trim, Noritake blue #52 on bottom; R.S. Prussia chocolate pot, Point-n-Clover mode, Glass Bowl of Flowers decor on side; 10 1/2″ tall Wild Rose & Bowknot Chocolate Vase, ca. 1902-1903, McKee & Brothers Glass Company, Greentown Glass formula; Fenton blue carnival glass bowl, Thistle pattern; Fenton green carnival glass bowl, Peacock and Grape pattern #1646; Northwood green carnival glass footed bowl, Wishbone pattern; Hand-painted ewer, lots of flower decor & branch handle; Imperial amethyst carnival glass octagon toothpick holder; Imperial carnival glass toothpick holder; McKee & Brothers ruby stained toothpick holder, PRIZE pattern; United States Glass Co. Vermont emerald green with gold decor toothpick, No. 15,060; Nippon toothpick holder; Jefferson Glass Co. iris with meander green opalescent toothpick holder; Riverside Glass Co. Box In Box emerald green with gold decor toothpick holder, OMN No. 420; Cobalt blue 8 sided toothpick holder; Imerial Three-In-One pale green carnival glass toothpick holder, OMN No. 1; St. Clair Holly Amber toothpick holder, ca. 1960’s; West Virginia Glass Co. Wisconsin toothpick holder; Fenton amber hobnail toothpick holder; Roseville 1941 Bushberry Bowl, 657-4″; Nippon jar with lid, moriage-style decoration, 6″ tall, marked Nippon on bottom; Nippon salt & pepper shakers, hand-painted, marked Nippon on bottom; 8 1/2″ x 10 3/4″ decorated Nippon bowl, blue edge with gold floral pattern; Nippon cracker jar, blue & white flower decoration; 8″ diameter bowl, dark blue & gold rim with flowers with leaves; Glamis rose tea pot with lid, marked Crown Dorset, Staffordshire Fine Ceramics, Staffordshire, England on bottom; Joe St. Clair patriotic paperweight; R.S. Germany cream & sugar set, ca. 1910; IPF Germany plate with flowers and blue & gold accents, marked on bottom; 8 3/4″ Austrian plate, hand-painted with leaves on brown background; 10 1/4″ Homer Laughlin A51 N8 plate, wide green border with gold accents; Hall Silhouette Kitchenware pitcher, 5 3/4″ tall; Hall Heather Rose Kitchenware pitcher, 5 3/4″ tall; UHL ironstone lemonade pitcher, grape pattern, 8 1/4″ tall, marked on bottom; Set of 2 decorative glass candle holders; Lenox snowman with broom; Ceramic house with removable roof;


Large collection of die cast Nascar and motorcycle collectibles;


Electronics, Housewares, & Misc.:  x3 Vera Bradley purses; x2 Airsoft guns; Playskool Workbench with tools; Paintball supplies; Assortment of costume jewelry & watches; Assorted vintage telephones, including candlesticks; GE portable induction test meter; x2 Boonton Electronics sensitive RF voltmeter; x2 U.S. Instrument Corp. permissible telephone; Tektronix Type 422 oscilloscope; Triner Allsteel Parcel Post Scale; US Army Collimator Infinity Aiming Ref: M1; Hewlett-Packard 3964A Instrumentation Recorder; Heathkit Audio Analyzer Model IM-22; Leeds & Northrup 2430-C; Federal Sign & Signal Corp. Ten-Ten radio; Tektronix oscilloscope model 7633; x2 oscilloscope model 7603; Lafayette Radio model TE-22 audio generator; Dixson Instruments Visigraph-P; Leeds & Northrup Co. model 716774;  Leeds & Northrup Co. model 9321; Delmonico wood case radio; Tales from the Cryptkeeper action figures; The Voice of Music model 1450; TEAC Model 3 mixing board; Alliance Tenna Rotor; x2 Central Scientific galvanometers, model 375-4; Weston ammeter; Hewlett-Packard ammeter; Johnson Messenger radio pager, with charger; Friden computing machine;  Ellis Associates Model BA-1 bridge & amplifier; Assortment of vacuum tubes; Simpson Voltohmeter; Radio Shack switching power supply;  Hewlett-Packard 3508A Spectrum Analyzer; Boonton Electronics 102C FM-AM signal generator; Pioneer sr-202w solid state amp; Many receivers including modern and vintage Sansui, Fisher, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sherwood and others; Large assortment of speakers including floor, bookshelf and more; Heathkit audio generator; Audiobahn and kenwood car amplifiers; Trio fm tuner;  Large assortment of tubes; Hallicrafters high frequency communications receiver; Bell and Howll Filmosound speaker; Heathkit tube checker model tc-2;  Motorola receiver transmitter radar rt-530a; Atwater-Kent model E speaker; Califone 1155k phonograph; Large amount of Photofacts;



2nd Arena: 4:00-6:00 p.m. 

 More items to come on Monday & Tuesday!  Still unpacking, listing, & picturing!


Tools & Lawn Supply: DeWalt 12″ compound miter saw; DeWalt 18V reciprocating saw with battery & charger with case; Armstrong 1″ drive 30″ long socket wrench; Poulan 2375 gas chainsaw; Yard Man gas blower; Stihl gas trimmer; Craftsman 4.5hp push mower; Ace seed spreader; Powder Mountain saddle rack with horse blankets; Graco Cleaning Systems power washer model 3235; Nevercrush wringer; Char-Broil stainless steel Commercial Series 4 burner propane grill, with side burner and propane tank; Parts washing tub; Rockford drill press; Craftsman table saw; Power-Kraft bandsaw; Milwaukee 18V cordless drill & impact; Bosch 18V cordless drill; Makita 9.6V cordless drill; Vintage Craftsman table saw;  Ryobi 10″ Surface planer; Selection of men’s & kid’s mountain bikes; Ryobi router with bits; Halogen work lights; Air compressor; Porter-Cable Joiner kit; Murray 2hp garden tiller; ATV truck ramps; VERY LARGE SELECTION OF LAWN EQUIPMENT, TOOLS, WRENCHES, JACKS, MOTORS, TOOLBOXES, POWER TOOLS, HAND TOOLS, GARDEN TOOLS; 

Antique & Vintage Furniture (5:00-6:00):French Provincial dining room table with 6 cane-back chairs, china hutch, and sideboard; Selection of sewing machine cabinets; Large Hartmann trunk; Astro-Sonic radio cabinet with phonograph;

Modern Furniture & Appliances (5:00-6:00): Kenmore refrigerator; GE gas range; Whirlpool gas dryer & Kenmore washing machine; Small GE chest freezer; GE Dorm size refrigerator; GE SmartWater water dispenser; Selection of file cabinets; Selection of office chairs; Selection of FWCS school chairs; DMI Furniture kneehole desk; C R Lane sleeper sofa, very clean; Glass-top table with 5 chairs; Loveseat; Drop-leaf table with 4 chairs, hutch, and matching kitchen cart; Wide selection of chairs & tables; Large selection of chairs, tables, & cabinets;

Electronics, Housewares, & Misc.: Tower Safe; Walt Disney Push ‘Em Car; Large Selection of chairs, tables, and cabinets; Vintage Teletype Corporation teletype machine; AMDEK AMPLOT II;




Still unpacking! Check back here – items added up to day of auction!



Preview: Tuesday 9-4

Removal: Day of auction, and Thursday 8-5


Auction Terms and Conditions

Payment will be accepted by cash or check; Visa or MasterCard will be accepted with a 3% additional fee.  There is a 10% buyer’s premium charged for all items.  Indiana sales tax of 7% will be charged, unless you provide a valid exemption certificate.  All items will be sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties expressed or implied; buyers are responsible for inspecting items before purchase.




Can’t make it to the auction?  No Problem!

Call in or email your absentee bids!

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Cherry Blossom Enameled Pitcher 10 1/2" Wild Rose & Bowknot Chocolate Vase US Army Blasting Machines Hartmann Steamer Trunk Hartmann Steamer Trunk

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