Fenton Cameo, Firearms, Automobilia, Metal & Enamel Advertising Signs, Vintage Toys & Much More!

Friday, January 1st, 10:00 a.m.

Excellent collection of vintage toys, glassware, furniture, & more!

Metal & enamel advertising signs from Mad Anthony Brewing Co.!

Preview Thursday, December 31st, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Began: 01/01/16 at 10:00 AM EST
Location: 2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN 46774

Large Auction!



Main Arena: 10:00 a.m.


Antiques & Collectibles: Midcentury HB Sherman sprinkler; Tube radio factory prototype (carved wood block) converted to lamp; Brass precision beam scale set; Brookins copper oil can; Wood case battery-operated radio, marked Fort Wayne; 1928 Army vs. Notre Dame ticket; Embossed Asian stacking wedding basket; Murray chain-drive pedal tractor; Regal 5¢ peanut machine; International Harvester Louisville Cadet statuette; Vintage Planter’s peanut jar; Borden’s malted milk can; Singer Sewhandy small sewing machine; x2 Antique ornate National cash registers, Model 332 & Model 35; Robins & Myers brass-plated cage fan; Dietz Octo driving lamp; Antique ship’s lantern; Retro Bulova electric clock; Assorted antique lamps; McDonald, Watt, & Wilt of Fort Wayne cigar box; Wooden propeller with vintage Sessions clock; Assortment of crocks; Assortment of cast iron pitcher pumps; Sled Master metal runner sled; Hiawatha runner sled; Several antique stained glass windows; x3 Children’s scooters; Vintage Paidar hydraulic barber’s chair; Antique beam scale; Watling coin-operated fortune telling scale; Large antique portrait in ornate gold frame, signed C. Schwerle(?) 1878, subject unknown gentleman; Vendo Coca-Cola vending machine, #H63B; Vintage 7Up LaCrosse vending machine; Several reverse paintings in good condition; Berghoff Fort Wayne wood crate; Old Crown Fort Wayne wood crate; 7Up lighted clock; Cast iron bull hitching rings; Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary stein; Vintage Indianapolis 500 photographs; Vintage Fort Wayne Police Department mugshot criminal cards; Royal Baking Powder starburst clock; IBM industrial electric clock; x2 Unique ornate smoking stands; Vintage bayonets; Barber’s sterilizer cabinet; Coca-Cola memorabilia; x2 Reproduction mast heads; Antique Queen manual vacuum; Wood Coca-Cola crates; Vintage 7Up cooler; Old Crown cardboard beer crate; Poloron Fiesta ice chest; Robison Park paperweight; The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” ticket from Embassy Theatre; Various collegiate Greek memorbilia, paddles, & decor, many Midwestern universities; Vintage Klopp Engineering manual coin counter, model D2; Yellow Taxi car-top light; Vintage Nazi Germany flag; x5 Cast pitcher pumps, locally mande in Butler, Kendallville, & Dubuque, IA; Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth II Coronation loving cup, #788/1000; Many other antiques & collectibles from Nita’s Antiques and others!;

Signs: Many of these signs come from the Mad Anthony Brewing Co. in Fort Wayne, IN!; Hoosier Motor Club 22″ x 5.5″ enamel sign with metal straps, fair condition; Blue Ribbon Stores 10′ x 2′ porcelain enamel sign, fair condition, one corner damaged; Standard Oil Company 10′ x 1.5′ porcelain enamel sign, fair condition; Sinclair 9′ x 1.5′ porcelain enamel sign, fair condition; Rolls-Royce 9′ x 1.5′ wood sign, fair condition; Double-sided Chicago Motor Club AAA Service Station 3′ x 3.5′ porcelain enamel sign, fair condtion; Interlux Marine Finishes, International Paints, porcelain enamel sign, fair condition; Munchie’s neon sign; Taylor Street Winery neon sign, works; Foster’s surfboard; Manhattan Savings Bank cast aluminum sign, 29″ diameter; Oldsmobile 88 Service 6.5′ x 1.5′ wood sign; Royal 76 Gasoline porcelain enamel pump sign; 2-Piece wood Antiques sign; Albon tablets porcelain enamel sign; 1930 Illinois license plate; Corona sign; Large assortment of small signs & local advertising, see pictures!; 

Toys: Marx Super Service Center with cars; Marx friction car; Buddy L sand & gravel truck; Ertl Winn-Dixie semi-truck; Bachmann #49 train; Erector Walking Robot set; Daisy Model 99 BB gun; Marx tin litho tractor with implements; Popsicle Music Maker truck; Ohio Art clown top; Buddy L wood milk farm truck; Buddy L Raggedy Ann camper; Big Machine battery-operated racecar; Ertl Penzoil tanker truck; Marx Jet of the Soaring 60’s 727 airplane; Keystone #79 aerial ladder firetruck; Marx stakebed truck; American Flyer #1218 train set, New York Central & Union Pacific; Wyandotte Emergency Auto Service truck; Tada Atom Kick Action Smoke Gun; Marx Aces of the Sky pinball; Sinclair gasoline truck; Lehman tin litho animal friction toys; Auburn Rubber motorcycle policeman; Structo Rocker; Triumph wind-up car; Cast iron motorcycle police with sidecars; Structo dump truck; Turner farm truck; Erector Rocket Launcher set in case; G.I. Joe Trouble Shooter; International Harvester Diesel Electric Crawler tractor with control box; Buddy L Outdoor Railroad locomotive #3000; Marx hay wagon with tin litho horse/driver; Marx Army transport truck; King battery-operated flying saucer; Buckeye Ohio Art grain hauler; Volkswagon battery-operated Beetle; Smith-Miller log truck; Smith-Miller GMC dump truck; Ertl grain truck; Marx wind-up tiger; Salesman sample Hoover vacuum; Kayanee Sewmaster sewing machine; RC scale model Ford car; Structo Toyland Garage wrecker truck; Marx sand truck; Hubley Tiny Town gasoline truck; Tonka car carrier; Marx Coca-Cola delivery truck; Sears TC600 custom cruiser friction car; Heiliner road grader; Hubley trac-dozer; ’62 Ford Galaxy promo car; 

Glass & Pottery:   (Glass/Pottery Listing Provided by Seller)

1 Ice Blue 7-Piece Water Set, ‘God & Home’
2 Green Opalescent 7-Piece Water Set, ‘Cherry & Cable’
3 Early American Pattern Glass Crystal with Gold Memphis Pattern Creamer & 2 Sugars
4 Blue Opalescent Rosebowl
5 Amber Checkerboard Water Pitcher
6 Amber Checkerboard Tumbler
7 Fenton Red Atlantis Vase
8 Fenton Burmese Vase
9 Fenton Lotus Mist Vase
10 Fenton Vaseline Farmyard Bowl
11 ES Germany Art Nouveau Candlesticks
12 Unmarked R.S. Prussia Chocolate Pot
13 Nippon Vase
14 Nippon Vase
15 Nippon Vase
16 Nippon Ewer
17 Nippon Pin Tray
18 Nippon Small Bowl
19 R.W. Bavaria Bowl
20 IPF Germany Painted Bowl
21 Nippon Cider Pitcher
22 Unmarked Nippon Bowl
23 Roseville Donatello Jardinière
24 Roseville Donatello Jardinière
25 Roseville Rosecraft Bowl
26 Roseville Earlam Bowl
27 Roseville Columbine Vase
28 Roseville Dawn Vase
29 Weller Delsa Pitcher
30 Limoges Clock
31 Sevres (?) Bolted Urn
32 Roseville Waterlily Rosebowl
33 Mother of Pearl Satin Cruet
34 Fenton Ebony Tree Ornament
35 Stars and Stripes Tumbler
35A St. Clair Holly Band Tumbler
36 Amber IFF Tumbler
37 Marigold Grape and Cable Tumbler
38 Large Mother of Pearl Satin Vase
39 Mother of Pearl Satin Vase
40 Webb Burmese Vase
41 Fenton Burmese Bud Vase
42 Hull Fawn Vase
43 Hull Bandana Large Duck Planter
44 Hull Bandana Small Duck Planter
45 Hull Rooster Planter
46 Hull Cherub Planter
47 Robinson Ransbottom Confetti Pitcher
48 German Piano Baby
49 German Piano Baby
50 Northwood Coral Red Compote (1920’s)
51 Northwood Coral Red Bowl (1920’s)
52 Marigold Ripple Carnival Vase
53 Kralik Iridized Compote
54 Loetz-Style Large Vase
55 Teal Art Glass Vase
56 Red Art Glass Vase
57 Art Glass Napkin Vase
58 Topaz 3 Lily Epergne
59 Fenton Canary Yellow Flip Vase
60 Marigold Diamond Carnival Beaded Basket
61 Custard Maple Leaf Pitcher
62 Fenton Covered Compote, ‘Lily of the Valley’
63 Fenton Rings Vase
64 Fenton Diamond Point Columns Vase
65 Roseville Freesia Large Vase (16″ Tall)
66 Roseville Freesia Teapot
67 Roseville Freesia Creamer & Sugar
68 Stangl Blended Ewer
69 Hull Swan Planter
70 Fenton Cobalt Farmyard Basket
71 Hull Swan Planter with 24K Gold
72 Roseville Mayfair Shell Bowl
73 Hull Stoneware Pitcher
74 Hull Stoneware Tankards (x4)
75 Roseville Clematis Bowl
76 Roseville Clematis Console Bowl
77 Hull Tulip Jardinière
78 Imperial Green Carnival Hobstar Nucut Vase
79 Imperial Green Ripple Vase
80 Fenton Green Carnival April Showers Vase
81 Imperial Marigold Smooth Panels Vase
82 Fenton Marigold Bullseye and Beads Vase
83 Fenton Marigold Fine Rib Vase
84 Northwood Ice Green Drapery Vase
85 Fenton Southern Belle Crystal Bell
86 Fenton Southern Belle Green Bell
87 Fenton Southern Belle Lavender Bell
88 Imperial White carnival covered candy jar
89 Northwood Green Opalescent Beaded Cable Rosebowl
90 Northwood Crystal Memphis Butter Dish
91 Northwood Celeste Blue Stretch Glass (3 Pieces)
92 Hand-painted Covered Dish
93 Verlys Birds and Bees Charger
94 Fenton Aubergine Cased Glass Pitcher
95 Fenton Blue Burmese Fantail Bowl
96 Fenton Burmese Butterfly Net Cup
97 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Poppy Show Vase
98 Fenton Chinese Yellow Cased Glass Vase
99 Marigold Stag and Holly Bowl
100 Fenton Blue Orange Tree Fruit Bowl and Base
101 Northwood Green Grape and Cable Punch Bowl and Cups
102 Porcelain Piano Baby
103 Fenton Large Trillium Burmese Vase
104 Fenton Burmese Vase
105 Fenton Burmese Vase
106 Fenton Burmese Fan Vase
107 Fenton Vaseline Optic Vase
108 Fenton Amethyst Mermaid Planter
109 Fenton Burmese Vase
110 Fenton *RARE* Green Slag Atlantis Vase
111 Fenton Topaz Hobnail Cruet and Stopper
112 Fenton Burmese Cruet
113 Vaseline Hen on Nest
114 Vaseline Stick Vase
115 Decanter Tantalus
116 Carved Wood Horse
117 Limoges Lamp
118 Wrath of Moses’ Bronze Statue by Yiannis Koutsic
119 Wash Basin and Pitcher Set
120 Fenton Cameo Glass Vase by Kelsey Murphy
121 Fenton Cameo Glass Vase by Kelsey Murphy, ‘Little Patriots’, Artist Proof #0 of 50
122 Fenton Cameo Glass Egg by Kelsey Murphy, ‘A Swallows Song’
123 Unmarked Nippon Small Bowl
124 Northwood Custard Peacocks Plate
125 Imperial Octagon Water Set
126 Fenton Farmyard Amberina Plate
127 Fenton Butterfly & Berry Berry Set
128 Northwood Memphis Berry Set
129 Imperial Hobstar Bowl
130 Fenton Chrysanthemum Bowl
131 Phoenix Consolidated Glass ‘Flying Geese’
132 Burmese Heavy Iris Tankard
133 Fenton Blue Burmese Angel 
134 Blue Burmese Grape Vase
135 Blue Burmese Bud Vase
136 Fenton Iridized Custard Woodsland Plate
137 Fenton Black Amethyst Woodsland Plate
138 Fenton Burmese Bell
139 Fenton Blue Burmese Bell
140 Fenton Amethyst Bell
141 Fenton Cranberry Bell
142 Imperial Fashion Punch Bowl & Cups
143 Imperial Cobalt Blue Vase
144 Fenton Cherry Chain Bowl
145 Fenton Chrysanthemum Bowl
146 Blue Opalescent Compote with Red Ribbon Edge
147 White Opalescent Compote with Red Ribbon Edge
148 Fenton Hand-painted Amber Vase
149 Fenton Amber Swirl Vase
150 Fenton Amethyst Mug
151 Fenton Amethyst Vintage Epergne
152 Fenton Rose Basket
153 Roseville Cosmos Vase
154 Roseville Florane Vase
155 Noritake Hand-painted Vase
156 Weller Double Vase
157 3-Footed Clear Punch Bowl & Cups
158 Hand-painted Ruffled Edge Bride’s Basket
159 Fenton Vaseline Opalescent Hobnail Epergne
160 Ice Green Octagon Pitcher
161 Fenton Peach Opalescent Fluted Bowl
162 Diamond Spear Head Vase
163 Imperial Loganberry Vase
164 Summit Art Glass Melanie Southern Belle Slag Figurines – Lime Fantasia, Lavender Rhapsody, Sea Storm, & Royal Odyssey
165 Long Thumbprint 10″ Vase
166 Pulled Loops Vase
167 Fan Vase
168 Ladies Stemmed Spittoon
169 Panel Cherries Bowl
170 Northwood Daisy & Plume 3-Footed Bowl
171 Blue Birds Bell
172 Imperial Red Toothpick
173 Northwood Fine Cut & Roses 3-Footed Bowl
174 Fenton Grape & Cable 3-Footed Bowl
175 Northwood Stippled Rope Bowl
176 Fenton Vintage Fernery Bowl
177 Cherries Plate
178 White Opalescent Perfume Bottle 
179 Stippled Coin Dot Bowl
180 Question Mark Bon Bon
181 Fish Scale & Beads Bowl
182 Imperial Grape Plate
183 Luster Rose Plate
184 Imperial Open Rose 3-Footed Bowl


Firearms: Henry .22LR lever-action rifle; x2 Remington Sportsman 48 shotguns, 20 gauge; Remington model 10 shotgun, 12 gauge; Savage Arms model 120 .22LR rifle; Deutshe Werke Aktiengesellschaft Werk Erfurt pistol, 7.65mm; Taurus model PT-22 pistol, .22; Harrington & Richardson Topper 58 shotgun, .410; 

Electronics, Housewares, & Misc.: Squier by Fender Strat guitar, with soft case; Atari World Rally arcade game, works!;

Tools & Outdoor: ReddyHeater Professional 170T salamander; Homelite LR4400 generator; YardMachine 3.5HP snowthrower; x2 Gasoline pressure washers with Honda motors; Mini bike with Greyhound 2.5HP gas engine; Craftsman II 8-speed track drive 5HP 23″ snowblower; Simplicity hydrostatic 18HP V-twin riding mower with 50″ deck; Concrete lawn statuary; 

Modern Furniture & Appliances (Sells after 12:00 P.M.):  Emperor grandfather clock; Marble-top dining table with cast iron pedestal & 4 claw foot dining chairs; Large roll top desk with index files, pigeon holes, & carved wood handles; Glass-front china hutch; x9 Wood bar-height chairs; Large glass-front 15 place gun cabinet, 91″ tall x 55″ wide x 17″ deep; Solid wood jewelry armoire; Metal grape motif wine rack; 2-Piece leaded glass china hutch; x2 Metal art floor lamps; 3-Piece glass-top table set; Rattan patio sofa with chair & ottoman; Lane cedar chest; Flexsteel brown vinyl sofa, very nice; Beveled glass-front lit curio cabinet; Queen sleigh bed complete with memory foam mattress; 

Antique & Vintage Furniture (Sells after 12:00 P.M.):Very nice assortment of vintage and antique furniture in good condition; x7 Solid wood dressers, various periods & woods; Antique mahogany double twin bedroom suite, solid wood, scrolled style; x4 Solid wood sideboards/desks/vanities, various periods & woods; ±15 Elegant table lamps including Rembrandt, Stiffel, & others; 1930’s Twin bedframe; Bent-wood cane rocking chair; Carved & upholstered parlor chair; Antique sewing cabinet; x2 Painted folding screens; x3 Victorian couches; Organ stool with ball & talon feet; White painted wicker patio set; Ornate carved piecrust table; x2 Vintage wood rolling servers; x2 Butler stencil-front curly maple night stands; Beautiful ornate carved trunk with Oriental motif; Midget #8 cast iron stove; Carved Eastlake parlor chair; x2 Mid-century modern orange wingback chairs with white piping; 1930’s Dining room suite, buffet, china hutch & table with 6 chairs; Unique round marble-top lamp table with faux book bindings; Ithaca grandfather clock with brass eagle finial; Antique 2-piece country kitchen cabinet with porcelain pulls; Antique country-style corner cabinet; Antique glass-front step back cupboard; Eastlake dresser with glass pulls, swivel mirror, & glove boxes; 



Still unpacking! Check back here – items added up to day of auction!



Preview: Thursday 8-5

Removal: Day of auction


Auction Terms and Conditions

Payment will be accepted by cash or check; Visa or MasterCard will be accepted with a 3% additional fee.  There is a 10% buyer’s premium charged for all items.  Indiana sales tax of 7% will be charged, unless you provide a valid exemption certificate.  All items will be sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties expressed or implied; buyers are responsible for inspecting items before purchase.




Can’t make it to the auction?  No Problem!

Call in or email your absentee bids!

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Hoosier Motor Club Enamel Sign Henry Lever-Action .22 Rifle Texaco Fire Chief Gas Pump Kelsey Murphy Fenton Cameo Vase, Little Patriots Antique Kitchen Hutch

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