Large Simulcast Auction, Advertising, Antiques, Toys, Pottery, & More!

Sunday July 1st, 12:00 p.m.

Much More to Come!

Preview Friday 9-4 and Saturday 10-3

Began: 07/01/18 at 12:00 PM EDT
Location: 2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN 46774

Large Auction!



1 Coca-Cola tray
2 Coca-Cola Metal Bottle Carrying tray
3 Tiz-Kwik Penetrating Oil Can missing Spout, Regent, Spalding, Mystik Cans
4 Revelation Gun Oil Can, Mobil, Permatex
5 Mobil Penetrating Oil Can and Phillips 66 Motor Oil
6 Household Oil Shamrock (Has a crease), Shell Sonitor
7 Remington Oil Lubricates can, Lee, Gulf, and Marsh cans
8 Roseville Pottery Pine Cone Brown Bowl 278-4
9 Roseville Pottery Bittersweet Yellow Jardinière 800-4
10 Roseville Brown Freesia Jardinière 669-4
11 Roseville Apple Blossom Center Bowl #330-10
12 Roseville Freesia green console bowl 1456-10
13 Roosevelt Dime Book Starting with 1946 (1 missing)
14 Fire Dept. car wind up with Siren (Siren Comes and goes)
15 Texaco Buddy L Truck and Tanker
16 Borden’s Gold Crest Grade A Milk Delivery Truck
17 U.S Mail 622145 Truck
18 Shiner Minnow L & S Bait Company Bradley, ILL Bait
19 Jitterbug Fred Arbogast, Akron, OH Bait
20 Flash Lure Laco Products, Los Angeles, CA 
21 Shur-Strike Minnows 
22 Millsite Tenite Baits 
23 Budweiser Belt Buckles (2)
24 Horse Belt Buckles (2) Deer (1)
25 Belt Buckles (3) Alaska Marine, Eagle and decorative
26 Belt Buckles Fort Model T (1), KOTM (1), Decorative (1)
27 Mickey Mantle 1957 Topps Baseball card Pro 7nm
28 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle Baseball Card 9Mint
29 Gremlins Lunch box (No Thermos)
30 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Double R Bar Ranch (Thermos)
31 Globe Trotter Lunch Box (No Thermos)
32 Empire Strikes Back Star Wars (Thermos)
33 Secret Agent Lunch Box with Thermos
34 Gold Shore Detroit Mich. Tobacco Tin
35 Rigby’s 5cent straight Tobacco Tin
36 Winner Cut Plug Smoke and Chew Tobacco Tin
37 Lucky Lager Beer Tray
38 Rheingold Extra Dry Lager Beer
39 USA Teapot cookie jar
40 USA 743 Toy Soldier Cookie Jar
41 Harley Davidson Cookie Jar
42 USA Cat cookie jar
43 McCoy Cookie Jar football player
44 Sleepy Eye Cream Advertising Native American
45 Penn RR Caboose Light
46 5 Lighters: Rodan (opal), Hadson Blue Bird, Skelly, Vernco, Etc, don’t light may need fluid
47 5 Lighters regens, zippo, vulcan, golden bell, etc (don’t lite may need fluid)
48 1951 Chevy Hood Ornament
49 Marigold carnival tree trunk vase (Base is rough)
50 European art glass vase
51 Crystal art glass owl
52 ES Germany portrait vase
53 Signed Waterford mustard
54 Packet Milk Products Sign, Cracks in plastic, Could not get to light
55 Red Dot Advertising Tin
56 Red Lantern Globe has a Crack See Picture
57 Tops in Taste Kayo Advertising Look at Pics for condition
58 Homan Silverplate Inkwell w/fairy head final
59 Von Schierholz footed inkwell w/cherubs
60 Penn Wave Motor Oil Can 2 Gallon
61 One-Fill Anti-Free Pure
62 Diamond 760 Motorl Oil Heat-Resisting Lubricant
63 Cities service Outboard Motor Oil
64 Guilfpride Outboard Motor Oil
65 Texaco Fire Hat #1
66 Buckeye Beer Metal Sign
67 Milwaukee Blatz on Draft Chalkware Pictures show all defects
68 Pfeiffer’s Brewing Co Chalkware
69 Blatz Milwaukee”s First Bottle Beer (wood is loose)
70 Canada Dry Water Advertising (Defects in Pictures)
71 Baits and Lures Flasheys Spoon, Max Wesned, Weezer, ETC
72 Assorted Fishing Baits/Lures
73 Heddon Baits (2)
74 Cobb co. Garrett, Ind. bait
75 Plueger Muskill, Skinner and More 5 Baits/Lures
76 Thompson Products Clock (works)
77 Uncle Sam’s Register Bank (Lever Moves Not sure anything else moves)
78 Squirt Thermometer 
79 Veedol Motor Oil Can
80 Silver Shell Motor oil Can
81 Skelly Oil Can
82 Monogram Motor Oil Can
83 Fleet-Wing Oil Can
84 Violin-Uke Marx Instrument
85 96 Baseball cards from the 50’s
86 Bed Warmer P.L. Rider, Worcester, MASS crock
87 World War 1 Flag signal kit.  4 flags and carrier (Flags have minor staining)
88 Coors, Kool, arrow 3 advertising ashtrays
89 Good Beer (metal), Coors, Kings beer (enamelware) ashtrays
90 Strangland brook trout working decoy
91 5 brown bottles 3 with spouts Apothecary
92 Ingersoll Yankee and Railway Regulator Pocket watch (Not sure if working)
93 USA and Solarex Pocket watches (not sure working)
94 Railroad Ephemera Grand Trunk Western (80s), Lake Superior and Ispheming  (67) Freedom Train 47
95 Baits and lures Boxes ONLY Black ace, Forrelle Spinner, Gateway, Jumping to
96 Smoke Piedmont Cigarette Metal sign
97 Winchester Batteries Sign Cardboard
98 Railroad Ephemera Grant Trunk, So Line Lake Superior, B & O Thermometer
99 Mobil Regular Metal sign
100 Texaco Outboard Gear Oil (Full)
101 Wolf’s Heat Outboard Motor Oil
102 Mobiloil Outboard Oil
103 Arrow, Fiend, Surge, Sunoco Oil Cans
104 Raleigh, Nyoil, Sinclair, A-Penn
105 Caterpillar Marx Wind Up Toy (WORKS)
106 Wyandotte Truck and Livestock Trailer
107 G.I. Joe and His Jouncing Jeep Unique art
108 Structure toys City of Toyland and Utility Trucks
109 Red streak Car Wind up
110 McCormick Deering Lye Solution Crock
111 Fred Arbogast Hular Popper (2) Baits
112 Heddon Big Bud Bait
113 Bomber Lures (2)
114 Pachner and Koller, Inc., Chicago lures
115 Roseville Mock Orange Vase 974-8
116 Roseville Peony Pink Basket 378-10 Small Fleck
117 Roseville Green Freesia Vase 124-7 small fleck
118 Roseville Brown Water Lily Basket 380-8
119 Roseville Pinecone Flower Frog
120 McCoy Strawberry cookie jar (color flake on the bottom)
121 McCoy Koala Cookie Jar
122 McCoy Pepper cookie Jar
123 Tomato cookie jar
124 USA Puss n Boots cookie jar
125 Marigold carnival cologne bottle with stopper
126 Vienna Beehive mark portrait bowl
127 Marigold carnival plate
128 Vienna Beehive mark portrait platter
129 ES Germany 6″ portrait plate
130 French sarreguemines inkwell
131 Genuine seashell inkwell with glass insert (insert chipped)
132 Blatz Beer Sign, Guy is Cast, Clock does not work, Lights up half the time, 
133 Giant Glass Jug
134 Hildebrant’s Spinners and Flies Store Sign Display
135 Franklin D Roosevelt Campaign Poster
136 Capper’s Farmer National Protective Service Metal sign
137 Heddon & Cummings Hula Hula Bait
138 South Bend Bait and misc bait
139 Makilure and assorted lure
140 CC river pup and Heddon baby vamp 
141 Rem, Keystone, Ideal, Whiz cans
142 O.K., Essco, Texaco, Outers Oil Cans
143 Sears, Hoppe’s Sinclair, Cities Service cans
144 Mobil Handy Oil, Texaco, Gulf oil
145 Marathon, Hoppe’s, Handy Oil, Gun Oil
146 Ever Ready, Esso, Amoco, Pep Boys, Oil
147 Cities services Towing Service Truck
148 Mickey Mouse Wind Up Marx (works)
149 Julia Lunchbox (No Thermos)
150 Emergency Lunchbox w/Thermos
151 Chuck Connors Cowboy in Africa No Thermos
152 Epehmra Friedman Shoes, Firestone, Hoards Dairyman Boydell Paints
153 WWI Grave Marker
154 Wyan Dotte 7 Derby car
155 Tobacco Tins Prince Albert, Edgeworth, Revelation
156 Grange Tool Symbols set
157 Shur Strike minnows and Jitterbug
158 C.C.B.Co Lure and Jitterbug
159 Musky Sucker and Jitterbug
160 Craftsman, Kabar, Richards, Imperial pocket knives
161 Case, Advertising knives, brit knife St. Louis, (3)
162 Keen Kutter Box, 5 knives, and 5 forks
163 Detroit Tigers pendants
164 Amalie Motor oil AND Tiger Oil cans
165 Lube motor oil can and riverside can
166 Texaco Outboard Motor oil can
167 Veedol A outboard oil
168 Roseville Green Magnolia Candlesticks 1156-4.5
169 Roseville Pair snowberry Pink Candle Holders 1cs1
170 Roseville Wincraft Blue Sugar and Creamer
171 Weller Dogwood Peach Handled 8″ Pink flower vase
172 Roseville Freesia Bud Vase Autumn Brown Tangerine 1957-7
173 Amethyst carnival stand
174 Peter and Reed standard glaze vase
175 Fenton Emerald green Milady pitcher
176 Fenton Burmese vase
177 Pilgrim glass cameo vase (Small Color fleck)
178 Epemphra Mechanics Book, Railway Carmen, Universal Stoves and Ranges, Jungle Survival
179 136 Assorted baseball cards 70’s
180 Camel Cavalier Cigarette pack holder
181 Smokers Help prevent Fires (VERY heavy)
182 McCaskey Register Co, Case and Contents
183 Hop along Holster
184 Roy Rogers cap gun
185 Heddon Sppon, Pflueger twin sinnupp and more
186 Rawler, Flasheye and more Fishing lures/baits
187 Fishing lures baits Weezel, Heddon, and more
188 Red’s Sure-Catch, Paw Paw Toronto, Fishing bait/lure
189 Fishing Baits/Lures Max Weesners, AL Foxx and more
190 Seagram’s, Arbocast Hawaiian jiggler and More
191 Baits/lures Spinner, Bug Spoon and more
192 Coca-Cola Display header (see Pictures for damage)
193 Disneyana, Radio and TV, Kitchen Glassware, Matchcover Guides
194 Sunoco quart glass oil jar
195 Havoline J.B. Rhodes Mi Glass oil Jar
196 Aladdin Angler Thermos
197 Empire Strikes Back Lunchbox rusty No Thermos
198 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Chow Wagon Lunchbox NO thermos
199 Campus Queen Lunchbox no Thermos
200 Marching Band Girl Cookie Jar
201 Shawnee Corn Cookie Jar
202 Horse and Carriage Cookie Jar Unmarked
203 Lamb in Basket McCoy Cookie Jar
204 Cat on Beehive cookie jar (Unmarked)
205 Coca-Cola Cooler
206 Cast Iron Elephant Bank
207 Thermos (3) Hot Wheels, Keep Back, Gene Autry 
208 Rolling Rock premium beer Chalkware (minor chipping)
209 Miller and Lite beer tap pulls
210 Blatz Beer Cast Iron Sign in Mug missing, some color wear
211 Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Thermometer
212 Coca-Cola Pocket knife
213 Panther knife, Johnston, etc.
214 Bomber Lures (2)
215 Hawaiian Wiggler Fred Arbogast (2)
216 Bomber Lures (2)
217 Bomber Lures (2)
218 Roseville Pinecone Jardiniere Green 632-3 Small Fleck on bottom
219 Roseville Magnolia Candle Holder Green qty 3 (1 has chip
220 Roseville Clematis Brown Vase 106-7
221 Coppertone Weller fountain frog
222 Roseville pair of candlesticks Magnolia Brown 1156-2 (very minor damage on 1
223 Assorted Tobacco tins Players, Velvet Edgeworth
224 Assorted Tobacco tins, Camel, Middletons, Buckingham, Et
225 Cross Country motor oil
226 Aero Eastern Motor Oil
227 Wedge Brass Lamp needs wick
228 Limoges cake plate
229 Vienna beehive mark portrait plate
230 Marigold carnival laurel water pitcher with three mugs
231 German porcelain 7-piece berry set
232 Vaseline Tree of life compote
233 Bundyflex hydraulic brake lines metal store display
234 4 Assorted pocket Knives Sharp, Khyber, Kamp King, and Mic
235 Kamp King, colonial and Misc, 4 pocket knives
236 ulster, colonial, & assorted 5 pocket knives
237 Shurebite bait and misc bait
238 Wright and McGill Miracle minnow and & Misc bait
239 Montague automatic casting float and Misc. Bait
240 Eddie’s Bait Box and Instructions
241 K-B Spoons and Misc bait
242 Heddon Spoony Frog and Hawaiian Wiggler
243 Shinner Minnow L & S bait company and misc.
244 U.S. Mail lunchbox with thermos
245 Baltimore and Ohio train Engine 
246 Space rocket patrol friction (sometimes it moves)
247 Military Tank with Soldier Marx (works)
248 Greyhound Metal car
249 Sky-king red bike (some scratches)
250 Kendall Grease Ken Lube oil can
251 1961 Topps Mickey Mantle Baseball Card 8 nm-mt
252 1958 Topps Mickey Mantle Baseball Card 8.5 nm-mt
253 Ted Williams 1948 Leaf Baseball card 7nm
254 Tom’s Red Metal display case
255 Hank Aaron signature on bat, No certificate of Authenticity
256 Salada Foods Detroit Red Wings 1961-1962 Hockey collector coins Case has a crack
257 Red Ryder Comics 10Cent minor staining at top
258 Yellowstone Kelly Dell Movie Classic 10Cent
259 Walt Disney’s Dell Classic Comics 10Cent Some creases
260 Dell and Dc western comics Bat Lash and Wyatt Earp
261 Baseball cards 132 assorted older 1950’s and 1960’s
262 Assorted presidential flasher buttons 
263 Hohner small accordion Plays 
264 Musk E Munk, Rod Handle, and homemade fish
265 Nazis Buttons and patch, Swastika
266 1938 German medallion, German award, and German photo
267 Massey Harris better Built metal sign
268 Roseville Foxglove pink Cornucopia 163-6 (1 very damaged)
269 Roseville Magnolia Vase #89-7 Terra Cotta
270 Roseville 283-8 Twig Handled pinecone vase Wincraft
271 Roseville Wincraft Blue vas 286-12
272 Roseville 290-6 Cornucopia Planter clematis flower vase 
273 Flipper, Hop along Cassidy, Monkees 3 thermos
274 Old Metal Dump truck
275 Junket Salada Baseball coins
276 Gen-Shaw Bait and Game Fisher Bait
277 Bomber Lures and Wood Bait
278 Shakespeare Bait and Heddon Deep Divine Wiggler
279 Assorted advertising pins, key chains, letter openers
280 kamp king, schrade, barlow (5) knives
281 Junket Salada Baseball coins (23) 
282 Assorted Baits and Rain-Beau Lines
283 Chef cookie jar unmarked (Crazing on the bottom)
284 Corner cookie jar Cheerleaders faces are blinkers
285 Owl Cookie Jar, Unmarked
286 Pantry Parade tomato cookie jar
287 McCoy Caboose cookie jar
288 Jim Pfeffer Famous Shiner Lures
289 P and K lure and Creek Chub pop n dunk
290 Shakespeare and Moonlite lure
291 shur strike minnows and Paw Paw Hair mouse lure
292 Castaic soft bait and Misc lure
293 Bomber Lure and assorted
294 Vintage advertising buttons
295 Stieff Sterling Silver 71 pcs
296 U.S.B.S knife with Leather/brass Sheath
297 WWII German Swastika Coins Nazis Eagle (3)
298 Marigold Imperial Grape compote
299 ES Germany portrait covered urn
300 Amethyst powder jar
301 Roseville Gardenia bowl
302 Marigold lined lattice squat vase
303 Blue Sunoco Bank
304 Cities Service Oil Can
305 Polar Anti-Freeze can no lid
306 Flotex snowman can no lid
307 Cities Service Anti-freeze can no lid
308 Super Service Anti-Freeze Can
309 Jolly Chimp Toy #7061 very clean
310 Mickey Mantle Card and McGraw baseball cards
311 Yogi Berra, Lefty Gomez, baseball cards
312 IH international Harvester Metal Tags
313 Zorro Lunchbox with Thermos (thermos has a crack in lid)
314 Flintstones Lunchbox No Thermos
315 Go Go Lunchbox W/Thermos
316 Dunlop Tennis balls Yellow Thermos
317 Football cards 700+ cards most from the 70’s
318 Marvel Mystery Oil can
319 Cooper Milk Oil Dip Can
320 D-X outboard motor oil
321 Baits and Lures assorted
322 C.C.B.Co. Lure and heddon o cup rig
323 Shakespeare baits and sportfisher
324 South Bend Bait and misc bait
325 Cudahy’s Rex Pure Lard (dented/Little rusty)
326 Vintage drafting chair, cast-iron
327 U-Haul Trailer toy
328 Planters Counter Jar
329 Planters Counter Jar
330 Winchester Fishing Tackle postcard
331 Budweiser Tray
332 Auto Speedway Metal Racetrack
333 Hamm’s Beer plastic panels (3)
334 No. 3 Colt Derringer Juice set Pitcher and 13 cups
335 Pendants 3 wool Cowboy Cheyenne Wyo. Has damage
336 Bat Masterson board game Exterior box is a little rough
337 Foreign Money
338 2-dollar bills (6) 1953 and 1976
339 Metal truck with dump bed
340 Ambulance Marx and Chief friction toys
341 Sentry Antifreeze Can
342 Van Briggle Plant Pot
343 Roseville Planter
344 McCoy Log Cabin Planter
345 McCoy Planter
346 Green Cookie Glass Counter Jar
347 Hall of Fame American League Park Dimensions
348 Marbles and Jar
349 World’s Navy Plug Smoking Tobacco Tin
350 Chicago Cubs Chewing Tobacco Tin
351 Gulf Sold here cast-iron advertising sign
352 Hamm’s Big Bear Drinking Advertising sign Plastic #1 cube is broke on 1 side
353 Farmer in the Dell crank, plays, but does not go all the way around
354 Roseville White Rose Brown and Green Vase 979-6
355 Roseville Clematis Brown and Yellow vase w/Handles 102-6
356 Roseville Water Lily Brown Jardiniere 663-5
357 Poly Pal Lunchbox with Thermos
358 Marathon metal gas advertising can
359 Tiger Chewing tobacco 5 cent advertising tin
360 Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising wrestler in rign HAS damage
361 Super 76 Super Regular gasoline tank covers
362 Regular 76 Unleaded Gasoline tank covers
363 Wheat belt anti-freeze
364 Red Wing #5 cock some chipping around base, no cracks
365 Masttson Dairy Bottles and crate with milk caps
366 Redoco Motor Oil Can 
367 Ajax motor oil Can
368 Shell Motor Oil Silver Shell
369 Stroh’s Beer Mirror some Underlying color wear
370 Collectible books Hunting, Peanuts, Battery Toys, Pepsi Cola Cameras
371 Collectible books, Golf, Marx, Tinker toys, Old Tools
372 Mobilgas Metal advertising 
373 Roseville Green foxglove vase 43-6
374 Roseville Cookie Jar 4-8 Freesia blue
375 Peter and Reed standard glaze jug
376 Roseville Donatello double bud gate (1 column rough)
377 Roseville 851-3 Bittersweet yellow candle holders
378 Red Wing # 3 crock has a chip around the rim
379 Harley-Davidson phone
380 Five small milk jars with milk caps
381 Five small milk jars with milk caps
382 stained glass window
383 Cement truck 
384 Civil war 1861-1865 artifacts 
385 Old farm lunchbox with thermos
386 Heileman’s Old Style Lighted sign Corner broke off
387 Barnum’s Animals Crackers No Thermos
388 King Kong Thermos
389 Stagecoach metal lunch box no thermos
390 Pink Panther and Sons lunch box
391 Peanuts lunchbox with thermos
392 Pac-Man lunchbox no thermos
393 Terry Redlin Boat with 5 collector plates
394 Roseville 359 Book shelf Green Apple blossom
395 Roseville 954-7 Mock Orange yellow planter
396 Roseville 731-14 Silhouette blue planter
397 Roseville 1161-4.5″ Freesia orange brown copper candlestick holders
398 Roseville 751-3 Silhouette White Candlesticks
399 Roseville 188-5
400 USA Brush W235 Mouse Cookie jar, some crazing
401 Cookie Jar Chef McCoy
402 McCoy Cookie jar Drum lots of color wear
403 McCoy 204 Owl Cookie jar
404 Cookie Jar Truck unmarked
405 Post Cards 95 cards
406 Central Union cut plug Native american tobacco tin
407 Vulcan Match Co. Tidaholm in Sweden advertising tin Hinge Broke
408 Western Auto Long Run Lubricant can
409 Mason’s Brocade England Swan dish
410 Roseville Zeyphre lily handled #5-8
411 Roseville 3-8″ Magnolia Cookie jar 
412 Cowan 1930’s Black Deco double candle holder
413 4 pieces of Nemadji pottery
414 Towle lead crystal centerpiece bowl 13″
415 Sinclair, Mobiloil, and Standard Oil cans
416 Western Child’s books, Rinty, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, lone Ranger Covers have wear
417 Assorted Tobacco tins, Union, velvet, Prince albert
418 Cow and Cat Cookie Jar Marked W10 Crazing on the bottom
419 Merry Go Round Cookie Jar Unmarked
420 Coke-Cola Cookie Jar
421 Roseville 290-6 Cornucopia Planter clematis flower vase 
422 Roseville Blue clematis Ewer 16-6
423 Roseville Apple Blossom Vase 389-10 Lots of crazing
424 McCoy Candy Jar Turkey
425 Whirl-O-Reno, Bud Stewart Hammer handle, Misc Baits
426 Hula Popper and Misc Baits
427 Eppinger Dardevle Lure, Moonlight brilliant bass seeker
428 L & S Lure and CCB Skipper Baits/Lures
429 Bait-Life Mackenzie Tool and misc.
430 Lucky Stike Box Submarine, and two baits/lures
431 Apothecary Bottles
432 Borden dairy bottle with logo and borden plain bottle
433 Huffman MFG Dayton OH Oil can
434 Redkey Oil Can
435 Absorbent Gauze Ellwood Lee Co Jar with Label
436 Large Nippon vase 14″
437 Vaseline poppy show vase 13″ fenton
438 Vaseline pressed glass compote
439 cranberry hobnail lamp
440 crystal punch bowl and base
441 Texaco Touring Service Metal Map Holder
442 Assortment of badges
443 Hunting Knife, new with sheath
444 P & K Lures and Misc.
445 Weller Bass hawk and Tails, , and Misc.
446 Acme weedless minnow and S. B. Teasoreno Baits/Lures
447 Pico Lure & Shakespeare jackknife lure
448 Roseville Florentine double bud gate
449 Porcelain floral vase 7.5″
450 Cowen deco flower frog
451 Old Fenton Chinese Red bowl on stand
452 Roseville La Rose bowl (been Repaired Picture shows)
453 South bend Bait Co and Bates Bait
454 Spin Cast Skill Game, Heddon Laguna Runt and mis
455 Political buttons, Goldwater, Barry, Johnson, Mixon, Eisenhower, Dewey, Wallace
456 Political buttons, kennedy, Johnson, Goldwater, Miller, Roosevelt
457 Advertising Marbles, GE, Dick Tracy, Hopalong Cassidy and More
458 Safeway Snelled Hook, Jovaline, Misc, Fishing
459 Baits and lures boxes ONLY Al Foss bass-Ooka, Wobbler, Rocker and More
460 McCoy Pillsbury dough boy cookie jar
461 USA pot belly stove cookie jar
462 Corn Shakers Sugar, Salt and Pepper
463 Shawnee Corn Cookie Jar
464 Baits and Lures Boxes only Shurkatch, Silver Minnow, Meadow brook and more
465 Baits and Lures Boxes only Boris Flipper, Martin Deep R doodle, Eagle Claw
466 Baits and lures Boxes Only Jumper, Miller Wobler, Eagle Claw, Spent Wint
467 Olsen Hunting Knife, and EC Solingen Germany Knife
468 Schrade knife and Craftsman knife
469 Marbles Knife and Imperial Knife
470 Western and Utica Sportsman knife
471 Sea Swirl Striper 2001 26′ w/ twin 150 hp Evinrude motors


Auction Terms and Conditions

Payment will be accepted by cash or check; Visa or MasterCard will be accepted with a 4% additional fee.  There is a 10% buyer’s premium charged for all items.  Indiana sales tax of 7% will be charged, unless you provide a valid exemption certificate.  All items will be sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties expressed or implied; buyers are responsible for inspecting items before purchase.




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