Heat/Plumbing, truck, fencing, Surplus,

Heat/Plumbing, truck, fencing, Surplus, equipment, tools

PREVIEW: April 28 2 to 5 and April 30 2 to 5:30 or by appointment

Pick-up May 4 or 5 1p to 5 p or by appointment.

Began: 04/25/20 at 2:00 PM EDT
Ended: 05/02/20 at 10:00 AM EDT

MAY 2, 2020 starts at 10am with online bidding!




Heating and plumbing surplus, brakes, tools, fencing surplus, Truck , fans. This is a surplus of supplies from a heating/plumbing business and a landscaping company.

PREVIEW: April 28, 2 to 5 and April 30, 2 to 5:30 or by appointment

Pick-up May 4 or 5,  1p to 5 p or by appointment.

Bala Stainless Sink 712-6026 and Freendo Nobles Series Faucet 191-7698

Bala Stainless Sink 712-6025 and Freendo Noble Series Faucet 191-6574

Mansfield Toilet – broken, and Gerber Toilet

(2) boxes Brass Ball Value and Hardware

Blower wheel LA22ZA127, rubber coated gas line hose, clamps

(3) Boxes Plastic Parts bins

Pressure Switch HK06NB023, Reversing Value EF 17BZ 277, (2) Mount Kit P251-0074, 2 1/2″ Foam Staples

Vent Md 190RF 12×12, Vent 16×16

(2) Collector Box 311213-402, (1) Collector Box 311213-403

Thermostat P474-0140, P474-1050 and 44929, 24V Interface Kit KSA1C0101230

Sockets, Hex T Handle Wrenches

Pipe Threaders, Handles, Threading head, Rigid Vise, Chain Wrench

Gen-Eye Pipe Inspection System and Camera

Misc Tools, Peg Board Hooks, Pumpmaster Pump Switch 1002630, 1 1/2 Foam Staple

4″ PVC Fittings

Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1/2″ Drill

Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co 381-D, Metal Roller

Metal Roller

Ridgid 300 Pipe Threader

Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co Metal Shear Md 137-5

Barth Metal Shear Md 33

Metal Desk and Chair

Dyson Multifloor Cleaner

Igloo Cooler and (2) Totes

Metal Work Table 8′ x 28″ with particle board overlay

Super Striper

MTD Chipper / Shredder 5HP

Buffalo 6″ Jointer

Homemade Paint Sprayer

Garden Tractor with front blade

Cycle Country ATV Plow

Torch Cart

Toro CCR Power Lite 3hp Snowblower

Snow Ex Receiver Mount Spreader 12V

Hobart Welder Md G-213 with Wisconsin gas engine Md TJD and Trailer

MTD Snowblower

Wondermatic hydraulic Bender

Miller MC-300VS Welding Power Source

Metal and Wood Cart on Casters

Shop Smith Belt Sander Powerstation Md 515663

Delta Planer Md 22650

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw

Craftsman Grinder / Sander 1″ and 8″ disc

Karcher Presser Washer

Shop Fox Mortising Machine Md W1671

Delta Sawbuck Frame & Trim Saw Md 33-055

Pallet Jack Hallmaster 2.5 ton

Milwaukee Drills and Misc

Wagner Pain Sprayers

Milwaukee Drill

Black and Decker Sander

Craftsman Router Lettering Template

Skil Site light 5amp Drill and DeWalt drill

Black and Decker Sander

Craftsman Power Plane

Milwaukee Screwdriver

Black and Decker Trimmer and Poulan Chainsaw

Pioniar Jack Hammer- gas

Pioniar Jack Hammer made in Sweden, gas powered


Rigid Md 122 Pipe Cutter

Metal Brake BP-2248

Abatement Technologies Inspection System

Metal Brake , 30″ throat

Pipe fittings 1″

Fasco Fan and Electric Motor HD 46MQ134

Hardware, Brass Fittings, control board, pump switch

Geolink Fittings and Misc

Blower and Electronic boards

2 1/2″ Foam Staples, Gas Control Valve, 1 1/2″ foam Staple, Maintenance Kit

Loose Parts bags 327872-701 and Hanger BLR galvanized 1012328

1″, 2″ 2 1/2″ Pipe Fittings

Plastic Parts Bins

Inducer HSC Kit 337938-774-CBP

(3) Kozy Kollar PV-3 Flashing

Galvanized Box, brass fittings, and misc

Switch boxes

Titus 12×12 Vents

Vents 14×14 and 16×25

PEX Tubing

Breakers, electric motor, misc

Corrugated plastic wire protector

Electric motor, fan, misc

Flexible conduit, parts bins, galvanized parts, misc

Plastic Tube Cases


Kohler Urinal

Square Sink

Flexible Tubing 1/2″ gas line

(8) Panel Track 5′ Elements

Insulation Sleeves

Speed Boots

Log Lighter, Filter Frame, Wiring, Blower

Duct Dampers

Tubing, plastic saddle Tee


Duct Dampers, Gas Valves

Aluminum 12 x 12 Vent

HVAC Bubble Wrap


Galvanized Storage Bins

Junction Boxes

Conduit Connectors

Duct Connectors, Vent Screen


Rigid Wash Bucket, Threader Head

Orifice Assortment Kit, Slip Joint Washer Kit Screws

Assortment Washers, Bibs, Screws

Gen-Eye Pipe Locater SL2CC1

Assorted Pipe Fittings

Assortment Orifice O Rings, Screws, packing, nozzles

Assortment packings, screws, bibb, o rings, washers

Assortment packings, friction rings, screws, faucet parts, washers

box of tools – saw, drills, power screw driver

Skil Rotary Hammer Md 26

Flexible conduit, double lined stove pipe, galvanized frames

Display Rack in case

Retrotec Airflow fan 2200 in case with shroud

Milwaukee Hole Hawg 1/2″ Drill, Cat No 1675-1

Loflo Balometer, in case

CMT Z1T-KY01-50 110V powerhead threader with dies

Insulmax and galvanized cans

Dual Channel Micromanometer and Control DM-2

Ceiling Shutter and Fan


Parts Bins, plastic

(3) Sprayers

Eemax Autobooster, Switch boxes

Electric Motor

conduit Connect, plastic Ball Valves

Furnace Filter Return Attachments

Gas and Electric Airhandler

Misc Tools

Misc Supplies

(3) Celling Vents

Torch Cart

Hitch Carrier 3′ wide

Pallet of Brackets

Truck Crossover Toolbox

Underbody / Side Toolbox

Rail mount Side Toolbox

Crossover Toolbox

Underbody / Side Toolbox

Side Toolbox

Quick-tach hydraulic head

Vacuum 55 gal drum with vac head

Router Table Set and Material Roller

Crate and contents of 55 gal barrel dollies, electric brake hubs, PVC pipe and Misc

Walk Behind Trolly for Mower

Drill Press

Vents, Shrouds, electrical box, Humidity-Mist humidifier

(4) boxes including Light bar LB003006HO

Electric Motor – Genteq V5001

Purolator Filters

Filters MX40 SP2-DBL, Multi Pleat and EZ Flow II

Lockformer Md S2266 24 gal

Blower Fan, Vents, Fan Motor

Vents, plastic tubing

Sharps containers



Aprilaire Md 1850

Air Tanks, VCMA-15 Condensate pump, 20KW Generator air / oil filter

Vents, Registers

24″ Wall Shutter

Oasis Marble Oval Sink

(2) boxes Dorr Stops

Pallet of Door Stops, Registers, Vents, Assorted Items

Carrier Water to Air Geothermal Heat Pump


Belts, Registers, Misc

Koch Filters

Koch Filters


Humidifier pads

Geolink Nonsubmersible Circulation Pump


Corrugated Wire Cover

Purolator Filters

Air Inlet Wall Cap (4)


Light Bar LB003006HO

Door Stops, Brackets

Crate of Light Bulbs, Inlet wall cap, vents, duct work, door hardware, PA speaker

Fence Boards 6′ x 4″ Fence Boards

Fence Boards 6′ x 6″ Fence Boards

Fence Boards 4′ x 4″

Fence Boards 4′ x 4″

Fence Boards 4′ x 6″

Fence Boards 6′ x 4″

Fence Boards 6′ x 6″

Fence Boards 4′ x 4″ and 4′ x 6″ and 3′ x 6″

Fence Boards 7′ x 6 1/2 ” and 8′ x 5″

Fence Boards 4′ x 4″

Fence Boards 4′ x 4″ and 3 1/2′ x 4″

Fence Boards 6′ x 4″

(15) Fence Panels 6′ x 5′

(40) Fence Panel 6′ x 4′

4 x 4 Posts 8′

(104) 4×4 Posts 8′

Fence Boards 6′ x 4″

Aluminum Fence Posts

Fence Posts 10′ 4×4 (104)

Fence Posts 10′ 4×4

Fence Panels Aluminum  6′ x 6′

Fence Panels Steel 6′ x 4′ and 8′ x 5′

Fence Panels 6′ x 4′ Aluminum

Assortment of Fence Panels, Aluminum

7′ x 4 ‘ Fence Panels, Steel

Fence Panels 6′ x 4′ Aluminum

Fence Panels 6′ x 4′ Aluminum

Chevy 6.6 Turbo Diesel 4WD 1 Ton with 205,400 miles, Boss Plow

Decorative fence finials

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