Furniture, Hot Wheels, Crocks, Collectibles, Lawn Mower

PREVIEW:  May 12, 9a to 5p

AUCTION ENDS: May 13, starting at 6:30p with a soft close

PICK UP:  May 14 or 15 9a to 5p or by appointment only.

Lawnmower, furniture, collectibles, primitives and so much more!

Began: 05/02/20 at 4:00 PM EDT
Ended: 05/13/20 at 6:30 PM EDT

AUCTION May 13, 2020 at 6:30

PREVIEW May 12, 2020 at 9a to 5p

PICK UP May 14 or 15 9a to 5p

or by appointment only.

Pick UP:  2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN

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(2) Pictures height of tallest  38 in

(2) Pictures height of each 22 in.

Picture length 26 in.

Picture length 34 in.

Picture of severed head of Medusa length 33 in.

Stained glass window, height 27 1/2 in.

Stained glass window, length 27 1/2 in.

Stained glass window, height 31 in.

Stained glass window, height 34 1/2 in.

Stained glass window, length 35 in

(2) pictures, length of largest 33 in

Wood Lion statue

Wood Rooster statue 18 in tall

Brass Lighthouse

Museum reproduction of Virgin Mary

Brass letter openers and stand, Nautical

Bronze statue with jade pendants

Bronze cat statue on marble base

Bronze statue

Bronze statue on wood base

RayOVac Lantern

Bronze donkey head

Metal Crucifix and Rose pictures

Wooden Statue

Ship Bookends, metal

Cast iron cookie mold

Cast iron cookie mold

Cast iron cookie mold

Cast iron cookie mold

Light up glass Mary statue

Art glass vase

(3) pictures, religious icons, prints

(2) metal golfer lamps

(2) Horn ships

(2) Cast iron ship bookends

Radio Flyer Tricycle, reproduction

Metal Mobile with Santa and Jesus

Wooden Statue

Ceramic Vase

(4) Campbells Soup Collector plates

(5) Beaumark Studios Ship Collector plates

Brass Ship plate and metal plaque

(2) Overweis Dairy Bottles, Waste bin, glass plate

Vintage clock

(4) Plush Bears, including Winnie the Pooh

Coat Rack

(3) Pictures

Barbie Cinderella

Barbie, Sugar Plum Fairy

Barbie, Ken as the Wizard of Oz Tin man

Barbie, Rhett Butler Ken Barbie

Barbie, Sleeping Beauty

Barbie, Grecian Goddess

Lightning Hockey Game

Pez Dispenser, flat

Toys including, pez, happy meal, pokeman, flat

Toys including, happy meal, soda bottle labels, flat

Toys, pez dispensers, flat

toys, HO train, marbles, pin back buttons, misc., flat

toys, Rugrats, pez, hallmark ornament, flat

Toys, pez dispensers, flat

toys, Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, happy meal, plates, tea set, flat

Britans hand painted toy models

happy meal toys, box lot

Cookie Cutters, figurines, plum, knife, needle threader, flat

Franklin Mint, The Beatles, porcelain boxes

model trains, flat

Salt and Pepper shakers, flat

Globe bookends

canning jar, hair dryer, Nativity

antique bibles, devotionals, Catholic items, ginger jar, flat

Levi wallet, candle, cat figurines, flat

tea jar, book, Snoopy, switch plate covers, precious moments, flat

beverage dispenser

weed killers, flat

mens watches, razors, miscellaneous, flat

toys, star wars trade cards, baseball cards, jack in box key chain, flat

toys, pokeman cards, baseball cards, mickey mouse key chain, buzz lightyear, flat

vintage tools, crock jug, flat

vintage matches, antique blood pressure, cast iron George and Mary Washington, flat

miniature baseball hats, McDonalds space jam , flat

toys, Lego burger king toys, flat

Mr. Peanut clock, blotter book, moths, tumblers, flat

(2) metal binders

Permit parking only signs (2)

cash register tape, scales, harmonica, pewter, coca cola tray, stir sticks, group lot

(7) collector plates

(2) luggage stands and shadow box shelf

Piano rolls, mandolin strings

raggedy Ann mugs, tiles, cookie cutters, flat

Michael Jordan basketball, sports cards, mugs, flat

Electric stereoviewers

Tosca Visentin Gioielli Itialian shower heads, stainless steel

Tosca Visentin Gioielli Itialian shower heads, stainless steel

Tosca Visentin Gioielli Itialian shower heads, stainless steel

Tosca Visentin Gioielli Itialian shower heads, stainless steel

electronic tubes, GE, Sylvania, RCA, flat

Electronic Tubes, GE, Sylvania, RCA, Westinghouse, Raytheon, flat

electronic tubes, RCA, Sylvania, GE, Lindal, Mullard, Ten, flat

electronic tubes, flat

Radio tubes, RCA, flat

electronic tubes, RCA, GE, Sylvania, Westinghouse, flat

electronic tubes, Sylvania, ken-rad, Westinghouse, GE

Simplicity 44in. Lawn Tractor

TV Stand

Desk and File Cabinet

Rubbermaid storage unit

China Cabinet, lighted, sliding front door, glass shelves


Books, Frank Sinatra, Peanuts

Hawk Performance Helmet

Candlesticks, brass Jesus, train, flat

(6) Garfield collector plates

shoe stretchers, horseshoe, flat

Stained glass pedestal, religious, height 27 in.

Stained glass pedestal, height 28 in.

Popcorn tins, entire table

Weaving thread, box

brown pottery, flat

wood tote, perfume bottles

backgammon set, musical instrument case, new Tupperware

shakers, flat

puzzles, picture, vintage magazines, Marvel comic cards, Jordan cards

tins, pewter, toys, BB, figurines

(2) tins, hen on nest, playing cards, kitchen canisters

antique car horns, glass dish, small space heater, plastic tubs

baseball cards, extension cords, golden books, advertising thermometers, vintage toys, die cast car

(3) Pictures


Metal Lincoln profile

Collector plates

clipboard, telephone, hangers, picture frame, box lot

cooking pot, religious picture, miscellaneous box lot

brass lion

metal Lincoln plaque


pink milk glass dish, brass bell, figurines, Winnie the pooh stamper, vintage pipe rack, flat

Industrial sewing machine

industrial jigsaw

(2) separators

metal box and contents of tool

box of tools

galvanized barrel of tools

vintage TDC film projector

vintage hand tools hoe, edger, axe

torch & stove kerosene bottle

stoneware cookie jar

3 carved wood African figurines

tools: rulers, drill bits, screw driver

fan, backpack, misc. box lot

milk crate, flatware, grinding pads, chisels, torch

2 gold framed pictures

Pictures 41″T

Lighted stain glass window 46″

IV Pole

Tins (2) Boxes

Playskool Lincoln Logs

Camel Memorabilia

Milk Botts

Gretsch Home organ

Miller lite mugs, light parts

Toys Fisher Price

Bottles (2) Boxes

Light fixtures

Crate of executioner books

Crate of executioner books

Crate of executioner books

Canvas Print


House and Reel Box

Hose and Reel Box

Christmas Décor

Christmas Décor

Live Trap

Christmas Ornaments and lights

Christmas Lights

Cat Throw , cat figurines

Clocks, pictures, swifter

Lighted Ghost

Fan, Waste bin

Wreath, cooker



Sanitary Pads

Briefcase, coloring books, crayons

Box of books

Scarecrow 4ft pre lite Christmas

Luggage, and waste bin

Oak Hamper

Yamaha speaker

Holmes Filters, brass lamp

Storage box

Blanket, stocking hangers, brass lamp smoke alarm

Christmas village items

LED Christmas Lights Pictures

Ornaments, decorative pillows

Cuisinart coffee maker

TV bracket and lighted snowman

Baskets, cabinet

Pumpkin, stool, candlesticks cooler

Tree, tomato cages


Wicker bookshelf stains

Tote, Tarps, yard items

Floor lamp

Office Chair

Ladder 6′

Pro-form 2.5hp treadmill crosswalk 390

Twin Bead

Electric fire place

Asian room Divider

Plant Stand

Asian Picture

Asian Picture

Asian Picture

Flexible Flyer III Sled

Needle Point picture

File Cabinet

Mattress and box springs Full

Asian Screen torn, stain 7′

Wicker hamper

TV Trays

Toaster Oven


Shower stool cane

Jesus bookends, belt buckles, picture

Cast Jesus and Mary bookends

Angel figurines, soap dish, baseball

Golfer door stop

Basket door stop

Bronze sculpture

Lamp, box, chemistry glass

Train on marble writing set

Primitive tree skirts and rooster box

Hat form


Harkerware dishes, Jesus box

Jewelry boxes

tea pot, piggy bank


Rowe blue decorated stoneware, crack

Quilt, rough, depression era

Skis, Christmas tree

Mirrors (2)

Folding chairs (8) card table

(5) Asian pictures

Pictures (6) including needle point

Group of baskets

Copper mailbox

Oil Lams (3) Rayo dented, missing pc.

Pampered Chef skillet

Primitive Décor

Pampered chef covered dishes

Grinder enterprise

Hat stretcher, Ice Cream Scoop, dishes

Advertising Hats

Group of baskets

Longenberger baskets 2000 Christmas

(2) Longenberger Baskets

(3) Longenberger Baskets

Flatware in case

Assortment of flatware, plates

Santa Picture

Salt dips, clear glass bowls, depression

Ceramic & porcelain bowls

Jar of marbles

Roseville Vase, chipped

Candy dish, vase, small pitcher

Welcome Sign on copper

My Buddy  tackle box

End table

Adult diapers – box

Air filter


Halloween and Christmas Décor

Waste bin, bucket


(4) pictures

Flexsteel Sofa

Flexsteel Loveseat

(2) Shepherds Hooks


TV stand

Ironing Board

Patio Table and Chairs

Casio Keyboard


Oscillating Floor Fan

Patio Table 

Floor Fans

Pressure Cooker, Knife sharpener, O2 Tubing

Canning Jars, basket

(2) hair clippers

Light bulbs, vases, candlesticks, basket, decanter

Puffy mattress protector

Yamaha Speakers

Bissel cleaner

Wind Chimes

Books, Rack, Office set, vase

Stationary, cookbook, book

Computer paper, office supplies, power supplies

Coat, Tupperware, key

Strainer, hardware, casters

Brandt Automatic Cashier

Sheets, flatware, organizer, vase

miscellaneous hardware

(2) Vase – copper colored


desk lamp / clock

shower chair, Sombrero, Halloween buckets

cutting board, buckets, flashlights, tins, box lot

picture frames – new

Assortment of light bulbs

lightbulbs 19w

lightbulbs 18w

Sheets, full size, most Calvin Klein

Organizers, canisters, drapery items, fabric

(5) Ralph Loren tablecloths – new

hardware to hang pictures, chain pulls, toilet paper holder

art portfolios, fabric samples, placemats

Buckles, vases, caulk, hardware

Hydramax indoor watering system

Holiday light timers

Holiday light timers



Faucet hardware

Photos on glass

BBQ bucket

Soccer ball, Electrolux vacuum filters, shades

Electrical plugs

Candlesticks, brass Jesus, train, flat

Zip ties, letter box, hardware, Specta Lock


Cherry Rivets

Pickles, Kosher Salt

Paper towel, sand paper, Orchid hooks

Quilt, rough, depression era

Organizer, filter, canisters, Toilet holder

Votives, Hardware, Door hardware

GTE bell

Candles, lids, cookie Cutters, Décor

Bolts, nuts, hardware

Screws, hooks, candles, washers

buckles, ledger, switch

Velcro hooks, Orchid hangers, bags


Door hardware, nuts, Rivets

Tree floor protectors

Monopoly, Tree Floor protectors, door knob kits

Soccer ball, tree floor protectors, tin

Pictures, release kits, duct tape, slide rules, lamp shade, caulk gun



Trophy, Duct Tape, Air Conditioner blind, caulk

Duct tape, scoring knives, flat

Flash light, scraper, cord, Air Conditioner blind

Girl Scout Badges and hat

Christmas lights, butterfly

road maps

Snowman light, door hardware, misc

Cleaning Supplies

Falstaff Beer Advertising

Vintage playing cards and casters

Vintage playing cards

Dupont Plant bags

Enamelware pot

Aluminum screening


Cherry Rivets


Wire Connectors

Cherry Rivets

Christmas Tree Preservative

Tools, light bulb, rubber bands

video game, garment fresheners



String screws, casters

Velcro Strips


Moth Balls, shelf grips

Art Deco Chandelier

Art Deco Chandelier missing 1 shade


Electrical wire



Bolts, Tape, Small Buckles, Soap dishes

(3) Rolls Rosin Paper

Sewing Machine cabinet

Heart Shaped Stand











Drop Leaf Table


(2) Childs Chairs

Stand – no glass and stool

(2) Shelves

Stand – Gray

Stand – Green

Stand Gray


Allen wrenches, shelf grips, recessed handles

clothes pins, washers, chain


chain, bolts, rivets

Paper clips, pencils, door knob

picture on cardboard

Christmas Tree Preservative


Folding Brackets

Birthday Candles

Harry Potter Cd’s

Contemporary Authors Books

Pain, paint sticks, bags

Rug, racks, silicon pan, dowels

storage bags, paint pains, tarp holders

Cherry Rivets

Blind Rivets

pails, tags

Drawer hardware, nuts, carriage bolts

fishing pole and reel

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-D1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-D1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-D1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-D1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

LuMark FDC-C1F Light 480 V 350 W

Toys, Hot Wheels, small baseball hats

Toy cars

Toy cars

Toy cars

Toys, construction and tractors

Toy cars

Cleaning supplies

Vera Bradley and other bags


Toaster, Spongeware Milk Bottle

Canning jars, mini recorder, Black & Decker electric knife

Leaded glass swag lamp

Easter decorations, crayons

Plastic bowls

TV Trays

Christmas décor

Gazing ball

Comforter, batting

Braces, bandages

Clown picture – glass broken

Assortment of brass – flat

Assortment of brass – flat

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