Furniture, Stop lights, Baseball cards, Collectibles

Furniture, Stop lights, Baseball cards, Collectibles

PREVIEW:  June 9, 9a t0 5p, 2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN

AUCTION:  Online bidding only.  Lot 1 closing on June 10, 6:00p

PICK UP:  June 11, Noon to 6p, June 12 9a to 5p, or by appointment only.


Began: 06/02/20 at 5:00 PM EDT
Ended: 06/10/20 at 6:00 PM EDT

Preview: June 9 at 9a to 5p

Auction:  June 10 at 6:00p with lot#1 closing at 6

Pick up:  June 11, Noon to 6p and June 12 9a to 5p, Location 2110 McConnell Drive, New Haven, IN link to bid.


Pan with lid, Faber ware, and misc pan


Glassware, cups pitcher, depression

Silverware tray, misc. utensils, Thermos

Super Maid Cookware with one handle

2 Cowboy hats, 1 cattleman

Pressure cooker with gauge

Journal Gazette Glasses

Country LPs box of

Zenith Record player

Dept. 56 5 boxes of accessories

Dept. 56 2 villages Faversham and Joseph edward

Dept. 56 Village wool Shop and Shops of dickens

Dept. 56 village accessories

Dept. 56 Red Lion pub beer, crowntree, carriage

Dept. 56 Wrenbury baker and C.H. Watt Physician

Dickens village (2) dept.56

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates (8)

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates (9)

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates (8)

Woven baskets (2)

Crock with butterfly

(2) Avon Cape cod ruby red plates

3 Paperweights unmarked

Flat of glass fruit and veggies

Flat of glass fruit, eggs and veggies

Hallmark keepsake ornaments

3 painted plates, Limoges, Germany, noritake

2 Welcome mats, (New)

2 Welcome mats, (New)

2 Welcome mats, (New)

Popsicle Lights (NEW)

Whirly gigs (New) Assorted

2 Welcome mats, (New)

2 Welcome mats, (New)

2 Welcome mats, (New)

3 Welcome mates (new)

Precious Moments, tea set massager

Assorted Wedgwood pcs

Lennox Summer Delight art glass

Cat Lennox

3 plates and basket

Flat of carnival glass

2 Blown pcs with hanger Avon plate

Shelf, Avon plate, Longaberger pumpkin, nativity

Squashville, Pets, coca cola, monkey, New

Butterfly lights, Pink Panther, NEW

Stuffed animals-gumby, chickens, Boyds monkey and

Totally Troll New (3)

Totally Troll New (3)

Totally Troll New (3)

Totally Troll New (3)

Cast iron lady bell, horse, fish, tomato flyer

Fluffy Friends Rooster New

Butterfly light NEW

Puzzle, Sunflower motif, Banner Letter

Smart Home Toys

4 x 4 Glass square glass (29)

1992, 1994 Fort Wayne City Maps

Eternal Flames 4 boxes

Packer 3s tape

Flat of pocketknives

Road Maps


Flat of costume jewelry and watches

Railroad Time Book, War ration book and misc

Letters with postmark 1937 and 1938

Military Picture about a 1″ rip on each side

4 beer steins

3 Lennox Votive

3 Depression Green Juicers

wired Rimmed glasses

2 Purses

Dave Darrin’s Second year at Annapolis books

Marriage certificate 1913

Figurines and Vase

Grill, Bank Bag, Baseball picture, TV, glassware

2 oil Lamps and a sad iron

Welcome Home picture

American Muscle Clock

Ovenware Fireking painted

Roll Rite Leader Creeper

Victorian oak dining table with leaves

6 faux leather dining chairs table

Mission Oak side chair

Mission oak dining table

2 painted side chairs

Lg flatscreen to and to stand

2 Side chairs

Accent table

Barrel chair


Kirby vacuum

Sunhat space heater

Sunhat space heater

Kenmore freezer

Utility shelf

Utility shelf

Bin of rakes and hand tools

Flat of tools

Toolbox & contents – tools & oil filters

Toolbox & contents – tools

Bucket & Contents – outdoor timer, bar clamps,

Flat of tools – socket wrenches, screwdrivers

Box of tools



Bucket of tools

Stanley plane & power tool chargers

Polishers & sharpening stone – box of misc.

Toolbox & contents – tools

Toolbox & contents – tools

Black & Decker power drill

Rolykit hardware organizer

Makita power drill & flashlight

Toolbox & contents – tools & hardware

Flat of tools

2 office chairs

Plastic lawn storage trunk

2 folding chairs

Concrete lawn ornament

Handicapped potty chair

Toro powermax 926oXE snow blower

Slate top end table

Slate top end table

Marble top kitchen island

Coffee Mugs, coffee maker, roaster, sandpaper,

Lefton Pair of Chickens

Set of Dishes Made in Italy

Picnic Blanket New 2

Box of lightbulbs

Adhesive letters box full

Architectural spindles 10 boxes/12 in box 2x2x24

6 Red Cross Posters

6 Red Cross Posters

6 Red Cross Posters

Harry Potter ornaments, pillow forms, louis

22 red candle cups crate and barrel

Vera Bradley Bags, IU souvenirs Miracle Shine

1925 Delivery Truck Bank

1905 Ford Delivery car bank

1905 Ford Hershey Car Bank

1931 Ertl True Value Car Bank

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Accessories 3 boxes

Dept. 56 Hampshire solicitor and hollyberry

Evan Hoyt sponge Dealer and Balmoral Labor Dept.

Dept. 56 4 accessories

Dept 46 4 accessories

Dept. 56 4 accessories

Dept. 56 4 accessories

Dept. 56  3 accessories

Dept. 56 Cobb Cottage and Old Curiosity Shop

2 boxes church beeswax candles and votives

House numbers flood lights, gift bags

2 boxes of church beeswax candles

wood shelf corbels box

2 boxes Dark brown craft paper roll, Easter

Framed Elvis stamps

Stack of 3  canvas prints

Stack of 4 Gloria Vanderbilt prints

Stack of framed puzzles and Coca Cola Metal Sign

Stack of Pictures

Leaded glass fire screen

Box lot with Brass Pheasant, coasters, plate

Flat of Gene Autry cards, aviator glasses, doll

Flat angel, collector plate, pottery and cut

Pillow, superman comic, ceramic skull

Mink stole and ladies’ hats

Sony Stereo cassette deck, TC-435

JVC VHS did player

Box of VHs, Cassettes, and DVDS

Box of VHs, Cassettes, and DVDS

Earth Spirit Spring Step Shoes Size 10

Glass refrigerator dishes

Oil lamps, posters and collector plates

Group of plush animals and beanie babies

Sock Monkey’s (3)

Tiki lights and beads

Treasure trolls

Pink Flamingo Whirly Gigs

Static lamp and whirly gigs and misc. toys

Peanut pals elephant figurines (2)

Stack of pictures

Leaded glass window hanger

Ashton Drake Elf Doll

LP record albums country, Hank Williams

Rear view mirror and coca cola glasses

78 Records

Box with flag, silverplate, tureen

Amberina moon and stars compote

7 up bottles and vintage bottle

Coca Cola bottles

post office box door

Evenflo pitcher

2 blue stoneware cooperstown and n. Clark & some

Advertising bottle openers and brass pieces

Cassette tapes, décor gun, power strip, indy car

Brass planter carved rocking pig, vintage candy

Louis L’amour and red ryder, morning star, books

2 cowboy figurines

5 Lenox glass fruit

Carnival Imperial glass compote

Stack of glass presidential plates

Art glass perfume bottle unsigned

Imperial glass compote

Blue swung vase and fenton satin glass compote

Stack of glass plates and bowls including avon

Imperial glass Mount Rushmore carnival plate

Art glass basket

Collection of avon cape cod in box

Imperial grape carnival glass dish

Hull pottery cornucopia vase surface wear

Imperial carnival glass sugar bowl

Fenton silver crest compote

Art glass lollipop window hanger

Souvenir glasses (6) frosted

Tin of vintage buttons

Flat of glass pcs, swan, ornament, glass fruit

Box of wood vase, dishes, candleholders, plates,

Fireman ornaments (2)

Vintage hills bros coffee can

Stack of pictures, coca cola bottles, linen

Longaberger cookie molds stoneware

Large art glass Kitras ornament (2)

Imperial Glass rose footed ruffled bowl

Imperial Green glass rose footed ruffled bowl

Signed art glass apple paperweight

Imperial carnival glass bell

St. Clair paperweight broken, bird, glass shoe

Opalescent vase and carnival vase, Swans down

Big crystal ship plate, stoneware crock maple

2 New Entry Mats

2 New Entry mats

2 New Entry Mats

2 New Entry Mats

Beanie babies and plush animals

Queen mattress and box spring

Leather red reclining loveseat-dirty

Leather red reclining sofa-dirty

Oak entertainment center

4 step ladders and extension ladder

Clothes rack and a pushcart

Victorian oak dining table with five chairs

Box fan

Milk can

Milk can

Milk can

Rocking chair

6 Black fake leather barstools

Vintage bicycle

Bin of shovels and hand tools



Worx weed eater

Magazine holder

Floor lamp

Charming tails and other plush animals and coke

Crocodile watering can

Battery operated baby elephant

Plush shrek-new

Boxes  of patio lights new in box

Boxes of patio lights new in box

Cast iron flying cow

Black light neon motion sculpture

Black light neon motion sculpture

3 elephant watering cans

2 elephant watering cans

Barrel of monkeys, patio lights, toys, glass

Flat of schleich plastic animals and dinosaurs-

Porcelain lighthouse music box

Seal glow lamp

Pope John Paul the Second bobble head

Globe light and patio lights

Magnets, including aliens and miscellaneous

Wooden animals, shells, doll chairs, and patio

Signed george bush and laura photographs, and

Easter baskets and troll dolls

New Valentine’s day décor

2 new UFO lamps

Black cat shelf

Party favors and decorations- new

Box of interior design books

Fashion and interior design books

Fashion and interior design books

Sharper Image subwoofer speaker

Asian style accent table

Bird house, mugs, hardware, and hedge clippers

Carrera car racing set in box

Vintage globe

Baking pan set, hot food tray, and a boiler

Clothing, fabric, and a pottery vase

Cake pans and a strainer

Hats and scarfs

Wig, scarfs, and linens

Seat cushions

Mugs, corks, misc.

Lawn cart wheels and flower pots

Bird house and a barrel

Betty Croker coffee maker

2 kerosene cans

Board games

Viactorio strainer

Vintage ladies hats

Canning jars

Crock pots

Chair and chalk board and misc

Dept. 56 Dickens village

Dept.56 Dickens village

Dept. 56 Dickens village

Dept. 56 Dickens village

Dept.56 Dickens village

Dept. 56 Dickens village

6 Dept. 56 Christmas Village Accessories

Lawn Sprayer Pull Behind


Hose box only


Stop light, no wiring

Stop light, no wiring

Stop light, no wiring

2 cowboy statues 1 resin and 1 plaster

Milk glass lamp

Classic santa figurine

Horn Ship

Scicely Mary Baker flower fairies

Metal wall pocket and candle snuffer

Stetson Hat

Christmas village, dictionary, telephone,

Cactus candle, figurines, night lights, basket


Vs. tapes, did, road maps, clock and décor vase

Boot scraper

Basketball cards & car

1989 Topps Set baseball cards

Baseball cards

1988 Topps baseball cards

1995 Fleer NFL football cards

Basketball & football cards

1995 Fleer NFL football cards

1995 Fleer NFL football cards

1996 Fleer baseball cards

Mixed basketball cards

1990 Fleer baseball cards

Mixed basketball cards

Mixed basketball cards

Mixed baseball & basketball cards

1990 Fleer basketball cards

Mixed baseball & football cards

Mixed basketball & football cards

1990-1991 Hoops basketball cards

Mixed basketball & football cards

1980-1990 Hoops basketball cards

Mixed basketball cards

1990 Hoops basketball cards

1990 Hoops basketball cards

Mixed baseball cards

1980s Topps baseball cards

1988 Topps baseball cards

Michael Jordan basketball cards

Mixed football cards

1990 Donruss baseball cards

Football cards with rookies

Mixed basketball cards

4 graded sports cards baseball & basketball

Assorted baseball cards with rookies

1991 Dunruss baseball cards

Mixed baseball cards including rookies

Football rookie cards

Mixed football cards including rookies

Assorted baseball cards

Quilt rack

Organizer cart

Organizer cart


Contemporary upholstered chair

Contemporary upholstered chair

Sofa table

Night stand

Chest of drawers

Jewelry cabinet

King Bed Frame & mattress set

Collector plates & misc.

Western VHS & memorabilia

World War II book

Coins & buckles

Vase, figurine, candle, candy dish

Glass votives & cutting board

Photo albums & Time Life Western books

Remington playing cards

Christmas décor, crystal

Panasonic & Magnavox DVD players

Cufflinks, wallets, bandanas, watch

Crystal candlesticks, covered dish

Belts including leather

Belts & buckles including leather

Native American style figurines

2 cast iron pans

Sad irons

VHS tapes, trinket boxes

Norman Rockwell figurines

2 teapots including Wade

Porcelain plates, glass basket

Lighthouse figurines & stained-glass houses

Figurines, porcelain hands, vintage flashlight

Rope, Norman Rockwell houses, Christmas lights


Presto electric skillet & air compressor

Laundry basket, light bulbs, extension cord,

Pair of lamps

Zip ties, duct tape, misc.

Porter cable power sander, umbrella, thermos,

Coach bag smells like smoke

Furniture care kit, hepa filter, hair dryer,

Cane, tea kettle, thermos, misc.

Wall décor

3 mower attachments

board games

electronic games

Christmas ornaments & décor

Box fan, car speakers

Books including Dan Brown

Vintage nativity

Outdoor fountain


Christmas ornaments, cassette tapes, bird feeders

Cooler, roaster, tote, misc.

Robotix Series R-2000 Argus set used

Robotix Series R-2000 Bront set used

Robotix Series R-1100 Tyrannix set used

Propel Star Wars High Performance Battling Drone

Delta shower parts, fanny pack, holsters

Carnival grape pitcher set Indiana Glass

History books

Sports nets

HP printer/copier

Epson photo scanner

Fire hose

Toro 6.5HP push mower

Abatement Video Inspection System & seal gun

Pet carriers

Cleaning supplies, painting supplies, misc.

Laundry basket, hardware, tools, misc.

Kitchen canisters, tupperware, misc.

Ceramic elephants & lawn décor

3 boxes Tupperware & 2 waste bins

Mugs, glassware, boots

Dishes, mugs, lightbulbs, misc.

Milk glass cake stand & candy dish

Black opaque glassware

3 wood finials & cracked stoneware crock

Hen on nest, figurines, vase, misc.

Christmas drinking glasses

Pressure cooker

Drinking glasses including Christmas

Canning jars

Vintage stroller

Magazine rack & ironing board

Green depression glass creamer & sugar

Rag rug

Glassware vases & drinking glasses

Dishes & glasses

Stool & end table

Faux leather stool/storage

3 table lamps

2 welding masks

2 weed trimmers & 2 bar clamps

Gauges, tools, funnels, hydraulic jack, misc.

Metal cabinet

Socket wrench set, tools, pressure gauge

2 Black & Decker power saws

Remington chainsaw, chains, car vac

Battery tester, fishing light, flood light

Toolbox & contents


Toolbox & contents including tools

Toolbox & contents

Box of craft paint

2 Boxes wire, electrical, tools, misc.

Light, Galvanized bucket, clock pillows,

Hats, Curtain rods, Electric candles New, Light

Extension holiday bonus pack 40′

Kodak, Glassware, typewriter, barbie wardrobe,

2 flats of salt and pepper shakers

3 garden tools

Tomato cages and sun dial

New mouse traps, bird house, ashtrays

Toolbox and tools

Waste bin and extension cords

Hardware organizer and hardware

Wall decor, meat grinder, wine glasses

Wall anchors, paint rollers, spackle, misc.

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