Electronics, Glassware, Furniture, model kit parts

Preview Tuesday, July 21, 2020 from 9am – 5pm at 2110 McConnell Dr, New Haven, IN

Auction is online bidding only starting at 6:00 pm.

Pick up Thursday 11am – 5pm or Friday 9am – 5pm

Began: 07/14/20 at 5:22 PM EDT
Ended: 07/22/20 at 10:00 PM EDT

Preview Tuesday, July 21, 2020 from 9am – 5pm at 2110 McConnell Dr, New Haven, IN

Auction is online bidding only starting at 6:00 pm.

Pick up Thursday 11am – 5pm or Friday 9am – 5pm


Longaberger Basket Merry Christmas 2000, with lid

Longaberger Basket 1994, with lid

Longaberger Basket Merry Christmas 1997, with lid

Longaberger Basket 2000

Longaberger Basket 2003, with lid

Longaberger Basket 1998, Collectors Club, with lid

Longaberger Basket 2005 Christmas Collection Silver Bells, with Christmas tree lid

Longaberger Basket 2002, with lid

Longaberger Basket 1994 with apple lid

Longaberger Waste Can Basket, 1998

Magnavox Stereo

Realistic Tape Recorder Md 909A

Pioneer Full Automatic Stereo Turntable PL-570

Pioneer FM/AM Digital Synthesized Turner TX-950

Marantz Quartz Synthesized Stereo Turner ST-60

Technics Quartz Synthesizer AM/FM Stereo Turner ST-Z990

Technics Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-Z900

Technics Stereo Double Deck RS-D224W

Music Hall a15.3 Integrated amplifier

(2) Samsung Speakers, Md PS 345

(2) Stereo Speakers Stands

(2) JBL Speakers Northridge Series N25II

JBL Speaker P0348-60308

(5) Kenwood Speakers KS-401HT, Front, Rear, Center

Kenwood Subwoofer Power System SW-32HT

(2) Speaker Stands

(2) Polk Audio Speakers

Definitive Technolong Inc CLR 2500 with Built in Subwoofer

Box of Books, including Amish Abram’s Daughters, and other paperbacks

Box of Books, including Amish, and other paperbacks

Tupperware, paper plates, cups and napkins


Small Edison Victrola, broken

Vintage play away piano – broken, penguin cookie jar, decorations, small flat iron

Vintage doll cloths, embroidered flag, table linen

Christmas Decorations

Patterns, including doll and children’s

Christmas Ornaments, including Dickens Village and accessories

Longaberger Basket with lid 1997

Longaberger 2003 Christmas Collection Basket with lid

Longaberger 1995 Christmas Collection Cranberry Basket with lid

Longaberger Basket 1996 with lid

Longaberger Basket 1998 with lid

Longaberger Basket 2001 with flatware divider

Longaberger 2002 Christmas Collection Traditions Basket with lid

Longaberger Collectors Club 1996  Basket

Longaberger Christmas Collection 1996 Holiday Cheer Basket, with lid

Longaberger Basket 2008

Radio Shack TRC-444 CB Radio

Models, opened, 1959 Corvette and 1956 Ford Crown Vic

Models, opened, 55 Chevy Street Machine, Thunderbolt, Aerovette

Models, opened Ford T, Chevelle, Ford Convertible

Models Opened, Shelby, Viper, Mustang

Racecar plastic display boxes

Tote of model car parts

Clear Glassware

Coffee cups, no saucers


Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Christmas Decorations, Villages, Ornaments, tin

Easter Eggs, Chair Cushions, candle votive holders

Longaberger Basket with lid 2005

Longaberger Basket 1990

Longaberger 1997 Christmas Collection Snowflake Basket

Longaberger 2001 Basket

Longaberger Collector Club Basket

Longaberger 1994 Dresden Basket

Longaberger Teacher 2001 Basket

Longaberger Basket 1996

Longaberger2001 Easter Basket

Longaberger 2000 Easter Basket

Vintage Guitar Strings

Vintage Guitar Strings

Chicago Cubs Autographed Baseball

Cloth with Nazi

Nazi pin

Nazi medallion

Free Mason Hat with case

Jarts in box

box of 45 records, Bobby Vinton, Kenny G, Buck Owens, many more

box of 45 records, Elvis, Patti Page, Waylon, Grease, many more

box of 45 records, Perry Como, Pointer Sisters, Sting, many more

box of 45 records, Elvis, New Edition, Cat Stevens, many more

box of 45 records Elvis, Shawn Cassidy, Oak Ridge Boys, many more

box of 45 records Patsy Cline, Elvis, many more

Sealed 8 Track Tapes

Cassettes and Sealed 8 Track Tapes

Abraham Lincoln, Sherman’s March and Civil War Books

Farm Collector and Red Power Magazines

WR Case & Sons Knife in box

Piano Rolls

Piano Rolls

Piano Rolls

Piano Rolls

Tote of model car parts

Tote of model car parts

Tote of model car parts

Tote of model car parts and assembled models

Tote of model car parts and assembled models

Tote of model car parts and assembled models

Clear Plastic Display cases with checker base

Open Models Ford Sedan, AMX

Opened Models Chevy, Charger, Corvette

Opened Models Ford, Dragster, Thunderbird

Opened Models Thunderbird, Foxy Vettes

Opened Models Corvette, Chevy, Mustang

Opened Models, Eliminator, Chevy Truck,  Ford

Winners Circle 1/64 scale race cars

(4) Collector Cars

(4) Collector Cars

(2) Easter Longaberger Baskets 1998, 1996

(2) Easter Longaberger Baskets 1998

Longaberger 1995 Basket

Longaberger 1998 Basket

Longaberger Basket 1995

Longaberger 1998 Christmas Collection Basket

(2) Longaberger Baskets 1994 and 1998 with lids

(2) Longaberger Baskets 1998 one with lid

Longaberger Collectors Club Floral Vase Basket

(3) Small Longaberger Baskets, 2001 Inaugural, 2001 Hostess Appreciation, and 1996

(3) Small Longaberger Baskets, 2001, 2001,Hearts Delight – red

(3) Small Longaberger Baskets, 1994, 1994, 2002

Longaberger Small Juice Pitcher, NIB

Longaberger Small Juice Pitcher, NIB

Longaberger Flower Pot and Base, NIB

Bookshelf39 x 28 x 10

Essick Humidifier

Marble Stand 15 x 17

Bookshelf 21 x 12 x 25 and bookshelf 27 x 27 x8

Childs School chair

Wooden Chair

High Chair

Plant Stand

Wicker Stand

Book shelf and small blue stool

3 tier shelf

Piano bench scratches, small stool, broken folding chair

Green Cradle with bunny decal

Small Oak Stand 25 x 21 x 16

Box Fan, upholstered foot stool

Wicker Bar Stool 27 to seat

Metal Shelf, Metal Corner Shelf

Shelf 40 x 31 x9

Wooden Bookshelf 32 x 10 x 36 and Rack with Cardinals 38 x 5 x 8

wooden bookshelf 30 x 40 x 8

metal TV tray, small snow shovel, metal and wooden rack

Tiered Shelf with mirror 41 x 23 x 9

wooden rocking chair

Wooden Rack

(2) Cain bottom chairs

small end table, scratches

Kitchen Table 48 x 29 and 6 chairs, 2 leaves

End Table 27 x 20


Hall Tree 65 in.

(2) Wicker corner Shelves height 30 in and 62 in

Table Lamp

End Table 24 x 25

Upholstered chair

(3) metal stands, one on rollers

Painted wood bookshelf 72 x 44 x 11, not sturdy

Floor Lamp 54 x 18 x 14

End Table  27 x 20

Wooden Stand 27 x 28 x 18

Wooden painted slant front desk 25 x16 x32

wooden Book shelf 30 x 12 x 32

Wooden rack 37 x 30

Frigidaire Refrigerator, works, some rust

Metal Floor Lamp 62 in

Stand 42 x 15 x 27

Wooden Slant front desk 32 x 42 x 17

Small Rolltop Desk 44 x 28 x 17

painted wooden cabinet 32 x 60 x 19

Berne Furniture floral sofa 78 x 31 x 32

Painted wooden hutch 68 x 38 x 19

Painted Wooden chest of drawers 32 x 46 x 18

Painted wooden shelf 21 x 41 x 8

GE window air conditioner

Chest of Drawers 39 x 60 x 19

Dress with Mirror, glove boxes, marble inlay, wood on glove boxes damaged

Hutch 75 x 19 x 51

curio cabinet with glass shelves 76 x 28 x 14

Curio cabinet with glass shelves 77 x 27 x 20

Work Table 72 x 30 x 34 on casters

Work Table 72 x 30 x 34

Work Table 72 x 30 x 34

Work Table 72 x 30 x 34

Work Table 48 x 30 x 34, broken leg

Work Table 71 x 29 x27

Work Table 72 x 30 x 35 on casters

Painted Mirror 51 x 48

Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows

Linens, rugs

Blanket, Afghan

Rugs, baby blankets, pillow cases

Baby Blanket, Afghan

Linens, Teddy Bear

Scarves, dollies


Costa Rica Burlap bag

Assortment of tins

Vintage Umbrella Holder

Brownstone Pitcher and six mugs

Crock no lid 15 1/2 in

Enamel bucket

(4) Rolling Pins

Enamel Stockpot

Enamel basin, strainer, bowl


step stool

(2) Vera Bradley Bags

Décor, candles, strobe light

Household décor, stuffed animal, wallet, lamp shades, tambourine

Throws, bag, cheer skirt, vest with badges

wooden toolbox, hard hat, dish pan, saw, sledge hammer head

Toys, figurines, stuffed toys (3) flats


Kitchen Sink, TV Tray

Sea Captain Pictures, scratches on frame

City Scape and Piano player and singer – damaged, frames pictures

Framed Mirror, Window with loose glass

Royal Copley Planters

Desk Lamp

Campbells Soup mugs

(2) Wooden boxes

Pyrex Bowl with lid, loaf pans, baking dish

Hall China Nesting bowls

(3) Wooden boxes

Sewing Basket

Organdie plates and bowls

Pottery Planter

Character Pitcher and glasses


Pottery Spittoon, planters, vase

Assortment of dishes

Pottery Vases, tea pots, planters

Assortment of plates, bowls, platters

(2) Longaberger Baskets 1999 and 1998

(2) Longaberger Baskets

(2) Longaberger Basket 1995 and 1997

(2) Longaberger Basket with lids, 2000 Cheers and 2000 Hostess

(2) Longaberger Basket 1994

(2) Longaberger Basket 2001, 1994

(2) Longaberger Basket 1996 and 1995

(2) Small Longaberger Basket 2000 and 1997

Misc. Longaberger items, lids, mods, basket accessories


Wooden construction toys

Assortment of lamp shades

Assortment of vintage pots and pans

Basket of wooden hangers

Plate hanger, rug beater, spade, and miscellaneous

Aluminum canister set

Vintage sifters and nut chopper

Vintage kitchen utensils and baking pans

Jars, bottles, oil lamp base, salt and pepper shakers, cups

Vintage aluminum trays, vintage kitchen utensils

Vintage Pyrex bowls, Fireking baking dish

Wall pockets – crazing, glass bowl, glass pitcher

Copper torch, cream can, teapot, showhorn

Pfaltzgraff bread pan, 2 vases, boot scraper

Cups and saucers, jewelry box, Germany pottery

Wooden tulips, thermometer, buttons, silhouette picture

Hull planter, Pyrex dish, flyswatter

Metal train

Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Jose Canseco, Alex Rodreguez, Billy Martin, and assortment

Assorted sports cards

Battle Beasts and thermos

4 Wheels for toy

Topps football 1981-1982

Mark McGuire Mini Mitt

Sports pennants

Vintage mitt and baseball

70’s Football cards, Butkus, Houston, Billy Sims

Vintage baseball cards

Assorted football cards – old

Assorted football cards,  Jerry Rice,  A.J. Nicholson

Football 1979-1988

Team Sets – Baseball

Circus – Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros., Big Show

Collection of Reggie Bush memorabilia

Baseball cards

Assortment of baseball cards

Assortment of baseball cards


Assortment of sports cards

Hot Wheels assortment

Hot Wheels Smoke’n Water

Fire Dept. Pedal Power

Football cards – Collectors Edge

1997 Upper Deck baseball cards and assorted basketball cards

Assortment of Die Case and Hot Wheels Cars, Wooden Barrels

Mini Radio Flyer wagon, vintage toy truck

Louisville Slugger bat

Marx Wild West toy gun

Daisy BB gun

1987 Baseball cards, mini pedal vehicle, remote controlled semi – may not work, Big Job toy truck – rough

Ertl truck, Shell toy tanker, toy earthmover and watch

Basket and chain

2 Pipe wrenches

3 Vintage wood planes

2 Graniteware pots

Large tub – galvanized steel

3 Pieces graniteware

5 Precious Moments

2 Cast iron corn bread molds

Ohaus scale with 2 weights

Ultra steel sander

Box of misc. tools, screwdriver, drill bits

Misc. wood novelty items

Robinair Tool leak gun Model #14000

2 Boxes 45’s

Vintage plates – car, truck, trailer

Milk crate, assorted bottles

Anchor and rope

Anchor with no rope

Metal bed pan with lid

2 Boxes assorted jars, Ball

4 Pillows and lamp

Glass punch cups and assorted knick-knacks and décor


6 Boxes assorted restaurant supplies, wax paper, dome lids, cup lids

5 Organizers

Motorcycle fender

2 Boxes books – child and young adult

Box VHS tapes and box of DVD’s

Galvanized bucket, license plates, tobacco tin

Assorted frames, lunch bag, wall décor, metal welcome sign, rooster décor, metal bear décor with hooks


Sleeping bags, lines, jacket

Cyclone hoist with chain

Misc. home décor

Assorted plates – Vernonware, Franciscan, White Stoneware

Assorted pottery planters, Haeger Cal Original

Assorted vases and planters, Imperial and wall pocket

Harmony House Iron Stone, Aurora and assorted teapots, dishes

Harmony House, Grindley plates

Aluminum pitcher, 4 cup and graniteware

Assorted jars -Abbott jar and Ball

Cake stand, milk glass, punch bowl set, glass décor, German glass plates

Metal and graniteware baking items and German brass plates

Pewter pitchers and aluminum candlesticks

Wooden crate, variety dishes, Taylor Smith, and glass vases

Assorted plates and dishes, Hollywood dinnerware, Incaware cups

2 Hall bowls, Hall match holder, Watt bowl with chips

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

RCA 5 disc CD changer

Amplifier 32-2024 A

Zenith turntable MC 9050

Speakeasy Zenith stereo recorder EZ VRC 420

Quantum AM/FM receiver cassette player

Sony turntable stereo system PS-13

Otari MX-5050 reel to reel

4 RCA speakers

Saba Studio A speakers

Marantz Twenty-Three tuner

Wollensak #8050A 8 track recorder

Tandberg Control amplifier

8 track player

Music Hall integrated amplifier

Brass and metal candlesticks

Variety metal containers

Copper pan and universal sausage grinder

Victor cereal bowls and assorted bowls including toltec

Table of items including wood crates, steamer. Frames and picnic basket

Box of DVD’s

Various baskets including metal

Tray, mirror, brushes, book, and small wooden cabinet

Brownware pottery, iron trivet, mugs, wood tray leather bottle

Wood box, oil can, umbrella stand

Assortment of plates and dishes

Assortment of plates and dishes

Assortment of pictures

Sofa Table 51 x 17 x 29

Sofa Table 45x15x26

3 barstools 29″h

Vintage hedstrom bouncy horse

Garden Cart

4 New hubcaps plastic 17.5″


Kids bed 55″x29″x22″ Graco

3 drawer chest 30″x18″x30″

4 Drawer chest of drawers 31.5x18x41

6 drawer dresser with mirror 50″x18″x32″

Buffet 54x19x33

Green Recliner

Gold Mirror 24×36

Wine Rack 35×32 some pegs mission

Rough Upholstered chair

Dual Electric reclining leather love seat

Knick Knack shelf 58x16x58

Sectional Couch

Computer desk with chair 58×40

Crate, metal décor and coffee pot

Vintage iron, cast iron molds, silverware tray, candle sticks and

Foot stool, magnum shot bag, scarfs, vintage baking books

Wood crate of pictures and frames

Glass frame, assorted needle point pictures

Wooden shelf

Blankets, afghans, quilt top

bedspreads, blankets, kitchen linens

Chrome ashtray and kitchen carrier

baskets, rattan wall hook

Gas can, graniteware

Rugs, tapestries

Afghans, pillow covers, table cloth pillows

Blue/green/white quilt

Handmade knotted quilt some stains

Schoolhouse quilt dirty

Hand stitched bird quilt some stains

Woven stool and baskets

Wooden canister set and wood bowls

Wooden items – candle holders, shoe stretcher, tiger décor

Bird cage, step stool

3 Pitchers, one carafe

3 Pitchers – incl. BC comic pitcher, ice bucket, vase

Assorted dishes incl. green & cream Sterling brand, 2 pink Russel Wright plates, 2 Corning saucers, 2 Syracuse oval plates

Assorted dishes and cups including Royal, Met lox

Assorted blue glass tumblers, votives, dish, creamer

Assorted green and blue glass and pottery

Assorted clear glass items, pottery vase, footed metal trash can

Assorted bowls, cups, wooden shoe, marigold carnival glass bowl

6 Assorted pictures

5 Assorted pictures

Dinnerware incl. 5 Hull plates and 2 Hull mugs (1 cracked), Met lox Poppy Trail, Century Service Autumn Gold

Assorted glass pcs. – glass baskets, vases, light shade

2 Light shades, Campbell cups, silverplate basket; strainers

Assorted glass incl. hobnail, depression & crackle, Italian pottery pitcher and ashtray (rough)

Assorted cups, mugs, salt & pepper shakers, bowls, toothpick holders

2 Large Haegar planters (small chips on blue/green one)

3 Enamel roasters with lids

Baskets, crock, planter, metal bowls

Assorted enamelware, canister and trivets

Picture, advertising  – People’s Trust Bank mailbox, advertising pc. For Paul Schnepel Life Ins. Estates, cooker, metal stand

Assorted trays, metal bucket, kitchen utensils

Assorted tins, metal box, Calumet tin, misc.

Scotch cooler with dents, red trunk (bits of rust)

Milk crate, assorted tins – Moth Gas, Polish Mop, Nabisco Saltines, Shedd’s Peanut Butter, Prince Albert, misc.

2 Heavy glass beverage shakers, assorted glass bottles, A&W mugs

Glass juice pitcher and glass, salt & pepper shakers, record holder, small suitcase, shoe shine box

Assorted china and pottery incl. Hull, Stafffordshire, Hall

Assorted china and pottery incl. Metlox, Ironstone

Assorted china and pottery incl. Hall, McCoy, Buffalo, Aynsley, hobnail

Galvanized bucket, utensils


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