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AUCTION – ONLINE BIDDING ONLY  Sunday August 23, 2020 starting at 6:00pm

PREVIEW Thursday August 20 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm 419 Foxberry Lake Run, IN

PICK UP August 25, 2020 from noon to 7:00pm

LOCATION: 419 Foxberry Lake Run, Fort Wayne, IN

Began: 08/14/20 at 1:50 PM EDT
Ended: 08/23/20 at 6:00 PM EDT


419 Foxberry Lake Run, Ft. Wayne, IN


3 white ceramic decorative items & artificial plant

Pair of Mottahedeh white faience urns. Height of each: 9.75″

Group of gilt white porcelain (4 pieces) 1 chipped

White ceramic pineapple trays & candle holders (4 pieces)

Pair of framed botanical prints 17.5″ x 14.5″

White ceramic planters & jar w/artificial hydrangea (4 pieces)

Pair of hand painted Louis XV style canework chairs. Height of each: 34.5″

2 decorative violins. Length of largest: 24″.

Small gilt wood mirror, c.1920. Height: 15.75″

Framed portrait print of Henry VIII. 21″ x  18″

4 oval framed pictures. Height of largest: 9.5″

Decorative resin finial & wall pocket. Height of finial: 16″

Small gilt wood mirror, c.1920. Height: 18.5″

Italian gilt mirror, mid-20th century. Height: 19″

Pair of Carl Thieme Dresden porcelain figurines. Good condition. Height of each: 6.75″

3 Porcelain figurines including 2 Carl Thieme Dresden. Good condition. Height of tallest: 4.75″

2 Lenox Porcelain figurines “Moonlight Waltz” and “The Enchanting Guest.” Good condition. Height of tallest: 6″

Decorative resin clock & composite cups. Length of clock: 11 inches.

Bombay Cotempo shelf. Height: 30 inches.

3 tole painted metal baskets. Height: 11 inches

Porcelain table lamp. Height: 30 inches.

Marquetry inlaid carved wood table w/glass top. 29″H x 30.5″L x 21″D

Needlepoint stool. 9.75″H x 18.5″L x 15″

Pair of Yager Berne armchairs. Height: 28″

Fleur-de-lis table lamp. Height: 30″

Carved wood end table. 26.5″H x 17″

Carved wood end table. 29″H x 25.5″D

3 German porcelain figurines including Carl Thieme Dresden. Good condition. Height of tallest: 4.5″

Brass inlaid wood screen with hand colored engraving. 41.5″H x 15.75″W x 5″D

2 pieces of wall décor including Syroco. Length of longest: 31.5″

Side chair w/Aubusson tapestry style upholstery. Height: 38 inches.

Blue painted side chair. Height: 32.5″

Carved side chair. Height: 33″

Erphila porcelain figurine. Height: 7 inches

3 framed pictures. Dimensions of largest: 15″ x 13″

2 composite shelves with oval portraits. Height of each: 8 inches.

Group of porcelain figurines (10 pieces). Height of tallest: 6.25 inches.

Group of porcelain figurines (9 pieces). Height of tallest: 7.25 inches.

Group of porcelain figurines (8 pieces). Height of tallest: 9 inches

5 porcelain figurines including German. Height of tallest: 9 inches.

Carved wood oval side table. 28.5″H x 27.5″ x 18.25″

Window treatment: drapes, valance, & lace curtains

Group of décor: vases, ceramics, silverplate. Height of tallest: 9 inches.

Pierced creamware candlestick & baskets. Height of candlestick: 3 inches.

Group of decorative ceramics. Height of tallest: 5 inches.

Bavarian porcelain dresser set. Length of tray: 13.25″

Waterford crystal clock. Height 3 inches.

Group of gold tone décor including composite & resin. Height of tallest: 28 inches.

Small painted cabinet. 24″H x 14″W x 10.5″D

Pair of framed prints & brass wall ornaments. Dimensions of each: 13″ x 11″

Mid-century table lamp. Height: 39″

Drexel end table. 20.5″H x 24″SQ

Group of decorative pillows. Largest: 13″

Yager Berne crushed velvet sofa. 30″H x 54″L x 34″D

Homestead Shoppe table lamp. Height: 18″

Side chair. Height: 32″

Torchiere table lamp. Height: 25″

Lightning rod floor lamp w/ruby glass ball. Height: 62″

Lightning rod floor lamp w/opaque glass ball. Height: 62″

White painted piano bench. 17″H x 24″ x 14″

Pair of fashion prints in gilt wood frames. 17.5″ x 13.5″

Florentine carved & gilt wood barometer. 38.5″ x 17.5″

Upholstered bench. 17″H x 39″L x 15″D

2 area rugs. Dimensions of largest: 91″ x 27.5″

Group of decorative candlesticks & candle holders. Height of tallest: 7.5 inches

Group of metal candle holders including Mottahedeh. Height of tallest: 8 inches.

Electric sconce lamp. Height: 12 inches.

Brass cherub candlestick w/crystal hanging prisms. Height: 10.25″

Group of small décor: lamp finials, small pictures, eggs, & misc. Dimensions of largest: 6.5″

Group of decorative candlesticks & candle holders. Height of tallest: 8 inches.

Group of décor: busts, vases, doilies & misc. Height of tallest: 9.5″

Gilt oval mirror. Dimensions: 41″ x 35″

Painted wood credenza. 32″H x 44″L x 18″

Victorian German bisque spill vase. Good condition. Height: 8″

Contemporary Jasperware cameo porcelain vase. Length: 13 inches

Embossed metal basket with Dutch scenes, c.1920s

Group of pillar candles.

Syroco oval mirror. 25″ x 18″

Hall table. 22″H x 25.5″ x 11″

2 decorative resin urns. Height of tallest: 21.5″

Decorative resin finials & urn (4 pieces). Height: 9 inches.

Plaster Beethoven bust & stand. Height: 13 inches

Bach & Mozart ceramic planters. Height: 5″

3 creamware porcelain baskets including Shafford. Height of tallest: 5.5″

2 white ceramic pineapples. The larger chipped. Height of tallest: 12 inches.

Ceramic & glass pineapples (5 pieces). Height of tallest: 8 inches.

Resin wall pockets & brass items (5 pieces). Height of tallest: 9.5″

3 framed pictures. Dimensions of largest: 16.75″ x 13.75″

Framed botanical print. 24″ x 19.5″

Framed tapestry & 2 composite plaques. 11.5″ x 9.5″

5 framed pictures. Dimensions of largest: 14″ x 11″

Porcelain plaque in metal frame. 9.5″ x 8″

4 framed pictures including fashion prints. Dimensions of largest: 17″ x 13.5″

Mirror w/print after Currier & Ives. 18.75″ x 10.25″

Framed pineapple botanical print. 28.75″ x 22.75″

4 pineapple pictures. Height of tallest: 23″

Embossed cherub plaque. 21″ x 17″

2 Haeger taupe ceramic vases. Height of tallest: 15″

3 Haeger taupe ceramic vases. Height of tallest: 14.75″

3 Haeger ceramic ginger jars. Height: 11.5″. One lacking lid and another chipped.

3 Haeger ceramic ginger jars. Height of tallest: 11.5″

2 resin pineapple finials. Height of tallest: 17.5″

2 Haeger green ceramic vases. Height of tallest: 10.5″

3 Haeger green pottery items. Height of tallest: 7.5″

2 Haeger purple ceramic ginger jars. Height of tallest: 11.5″

Resin pineapple clock. Height: 14″

Pair of gilt resin candlesticks. Height: 22″

3 resin candlesticks. Height of tallest: 19″

3 ceramic ginger jars, glass vase, and ceramic pineapple. Height of tallest: 12.75″

Large white ceramic ginger jar. Hole in bottom. Height: 25″

French Louis XV vanity stool. 22″H x 22″W x 21″D

Canework wing back armchair w/upholstered cushion. Height: 39″

Group of Aynsley “Wild Tudor” bone china (9 pieces). Handled tray broken, otherwise good condition. Height of tallest: 7.5″

Window treatment: curtains & valance.

Giuseppe Armani resin owl sculpture. Height: 14″

Stiffel brass pineapple table lamp. Height: 35″

Embossed metal urns & centerpiece bowl. Height of urns: 9.5″

Carved wood table with lion heads & paw feet. 29.5″H x 40″L x 23″D

Victorian needlepoint fire screen w/beadwork. Height: 50″

Pair of portrait prints on canvas. 26″ x 21″

French provincial style upholstered armchair. Height: 36″

Framed print after Rembrandt. 27.75″ x 22.5″

Framed print after Rembrandt, with wall ornament & tassel. 38″ x 32″

Footstool, table lamp (broken), wash pitcher, & artificial flowers. Height of pitcher: 11 inches.

Group of decorative pillows. Largest: 16″

Sofa. 26″H x 86″L x 33″D

Drexel end table. 20.75″H x 23.5″SQ

Walnut corner whatnot shelf. 63″H x 23″ x 17″D

Framed needlepoint picture. 26″ x 16″

Group of dolls & misc. décor

Wood shelves & pineapple (4 pieces). Height of tallest: 20 inches.

2 crystal baskets. Height of tallest: 11″

2 glass baskets. Height of tallest: 10.5″

Art Nouveau spelter bust. Height: 6″

Art Deco French spelter incense burner. Height: 9.5″

3 crystal baskets. Height of tallest: 6.5″

Brass pineapples including candlesticks & bookends (8 pieces). Height of tallest: 9.25″

Pair of resin pineapple finials. Height: 13.75″

Pair of resin crowns. Height of tallest: 7.5″

White ceramic vases, urns, ewer, and bird figurine (5 pieces). Height of tallest: 14″

Owl pictures (2), figurines, and ornament. Dimensions of largest: 19.5″ x 15.75″

2 small clocks & metal candelabrum. Height of tallest: 9 inches.

Turquoise ceramic vases, ceramic pear, and metal pears (5 pieces). Height of tallest: 11″

Lot of table linens including Waterford.

Decorative resin urn and 4 small busts. Height of urn: 15.5″

Group of pineapple décor & a plate (6 pieces). Height of tallest: 9.75″

Box of decorative tassels.

Group of books.

Side chair. Height: 35″

Octagonal table. 30.5″H x 21.5″ across.

Gilt wood framed mirror w/print, c.1920. 32″H x 9.5″

Group of artificial plants, pineapple waste bin, white ceramic planter. Height of waste bin: 11″

Decorative resin urn w/lion ring handles. Height: 23″

Large white ceramic vase & wood stand w/artificial hydrangea. Total height: 33″

Group of misc. décor: pineapple lamp & candlestick, ginger jars, picture frame, etc. Height of tallest: 10.75″

Group of wine décor, artificial plants, clock, & pictures. Dimensions of largest: 15.5″ x 10″

Framed lithograph print. 39.75″ x 28″

Large ceramic ewer. Height: 29″

Sanor ceramic pineapple cookie jar. Height: 10″

6 pieces of wall décor: needlepoint & gilt frames. Dimensions of largest: 25.25″ x 12″

2 oval framed portraits. Dimensions of each: 7.75″ x 6.5″

7 framed pictures: pineapples & hydrangea. Dimensions of largest: 22″ x 21″

Framed print. 25″ x 25″

3 Bethany Lowe rabbits. Height: 11.5″

Crystal pineapple decanter & silverplate tray. Decanter height: 11.5″

Red Cliff ironstone tureen. Height: 13″

Serving cart. 28.75″H x 26″ x 16.25″

Carved side chair w/canework seat. Height: 39″

Glass stemware & finials. Height of stems: 6″

Group of ceramic creamers, jars, and misc. height of tallest: 9″

7 porcelain/bone china cup and saucer sets, mostly English.

Austrian porcelain hot chocolate set. Height of chocolate pot: 10″

Group of angel figurines including porcelain. Height of tallest: 8.5″

Group of porcelain plates, bowls, figurines, and misc.

Group of glass & metal serveware including pineapple jars. Height of tallest: 7″

Set of Fine Arts china “Orange Blossom & Gardenia” dinnerware

5 Royal Albert bone china cup and saucer sets

Group of white and gold porcelain including Limoges. Height of tallest: 4.75″

Carved wood wall clock. Height: 38 inches.

Carved side chair with needlepoint seat. Height: 35.5″

Shirley Williamsburg tea service, together with other metal serveware. Height of coffee pot: 10.5″

Wall clock. Height: 32″

Pair of Venetian glass pineapples. Height of each: 8″

Group of candlesticks & ceramic décor. Height of tallest” 9″

Group of dishes & glassware including Royal Doulton dinnerware.

Marketry Inlaid sideboard-30″Hx36″Lx18″D

Thomasville French Provincial dining table and 6 chairs-106″L

3 Silver plate baskets and a small teared serving tray-length of longest 12 inches

5 white turkey figurines including Limoges

3 Bisque porcelain Schmid caroling angel musical figurines-he

Group of Creamware porcelain including baskets

Group of porcelain including figurines

Fenton custard glass bell

Group of porcelain including a music box, biscuit jar and dishes

3 Limoges porcelain egg boxes and a shell dish

Group of Lenox porcelain

Shelf of glassware, stemware and misc.

3 pieces of Mottahedeh creamware ceramic trays

4 art deco frosted glass butterfly dishes- length of each 3.5″

19th century Japanese Kutani porcelain cup and cover

Shelf of glassware, pitcher, bowls and misc.

Lenox porcelain pineapple dish

2 leeds dishes; and 2 pieces of English china

Pickard china bowl & Haviland Limoges cup and saucer

Flat of serveware

Shelf of ceramic including English china

Shelf of serving trays, silverplate and Royal Doulton

Group of Dehm ceramics including rabbit figurines, egg tray, and covered box

Victorian silver plate and glass caster set with butler bell-height 17 inches

Resin decorative centerpiece basket with artichokes and pomegranate

English silverplate and cut-glass caster set

Large cut glass decanter

Window treatments curtains, valance and drapes

English ceramics including Spode Christmas tree

Lenox porcelain compote, porcelain bone dishes, pewter salt and pepper shakers

Royal Worcester Evesham porcelain with others Ramekins

Group of porcelain bowls, plates, vintage Christmas candle holders and misc.

Resin table lamp; candle followers with lacquered shades

Shelf with porcelain biscuit jar, decorative finial,

Etched glass stemware, Lenox salt and pepper shakers

Etched glass stemware, glass decanter set, English bone glass plated

Shelf of glassware and crystal; decanter, silverplate items

Shelf of candlesticks and candleholders, silverplate and crystal pineapples

Etched glass stemware, crystal pineapples, porcelain plates, Bavarian china

Shelf of glassware; blown crystal ice bucket, depression glass

Shelf full of glassware, porcelain white gravy boats and more

Box of pressed glass; toothpick holders and misc.

Flat of glassware including pineapple serving tray

3 Limoges porcelain shell dishes

Waterford crystal condiment jar

Weighted sterling silver compote-height 6 inches

Group of decorative pumpkins including ceramic and wood

Thomasville Lit china cabinet-82″ Hx 60″L x 16″D

Gorham sterling silver flatware set; Camellia pattern; service for eight; 59 pieces

Group of silverplate flatware, including Victorian crumb tray Pairpoint

Candles, candleholders, and misc. décor

Misc. décor, dice, pineapple stationary, candle rings

Limoges porcelain basket-

Art deco boudoir lamp w/ opalescent glass shade- Height 5″

Hand painted Limoges porcelain box w/ cherubs- Width 2.5″

Ormolu hand mirror w/ porcelain plaque; early 20th century- length 13.75″

2 decorative hand mirrors- length of longest 17.75″

Filigree jewelry box

Stylebuilt vanity set; tray, trinket box and perfume bottle- 11″ L

5 pieces total; porcelain vanity boxes and a hair receiver

Mirror vanity tray with gilt metal frame- 17.5″ Length

Pair of Japan white porcelain boudoir lamps- height of each 12.5″

Group of misc. décor; figurines, ceramic basket, box

Box w/ sunglasses, reading glasses, compacts

Pair of framed prints depicting antique French furniture- 19.5″ x 13.75″

Giltwood mirror circa 1920- 30.5″x 10.5″

Christofle silver plate trinket box

Small mirror, mirror vanity tray, cherub figurine, and misc. items-length of tray 13.5″

Jewelry cabinet- 39″ Hx 18″Wx 14″D

Antique carved and giltwood ornament; French Empire; length 32″

French Empire style bench w/ canework seat- 25″ Lx15″d

Stool w/ upholstered top-12″ Dx20″L

Early 20th century giltwood framed mirror w/ fashion print-20.5″ x 7″

1879 fashion print in giltwood oval frame-14″x11″

Group of prints; 7 pieces; dimensions of largest 20″x13″

Decorative pillows, artificial plants and laced doilies

reading glasses, hair dryer, curling irons, decorative box tray, misc.

Pair of framed cameo style pictures (14″x12”) and resin mirror

Ceramic picture, porcelain owl lamp, small resin table lamp (11.5″H), small brass clock

Group of ladies gloves, belts, handbags, scarves

Thomasville French provincial style chest of drawers-53.5″Hx39.5″Wx19.5″D

Wood pedestal cabinet-24″H

White cast iron flower basket door stop-10.5″H

Flat of bathroom accessories; soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, misc. décor

Pair of crystal gilt Ormolu boudoir lamps- Height of each 19.5″

Vanity mirror tray and cherub mirror; porcelain figurines and trinket boxes

Flat of cherub figurines and Royal Albert sugar bowl

Decorative boxes, trays, baskets, candles including flameless, wash bowl and pitcher, and misc. décor

Box of misc. décor, resin cherub box, small pictures, and decorative waste bin (H 17″)

Circa 1920 gilt spelter table lamp

Thomasville French provincial style dresser w/ wall mirror-31″Hx71″Lx18.5″D; dimensions of mirror 46.5″W x 32″H

Thomasville French provincial style chest of drawers-53.5″Hx39.5″Wx19.5″D

Pair of window treatments, curtains, and valance

Pair of porcelain table lamps-24.5″ Height

Thomasville French provincial style nightstand- 24.5″Hx25″Wx16″D

Bed cornice w/drapes and tapestry

Thomasville French provincial style bed; headboard only

Oval carp wood table w/ glass top 20″x29″x21″

Decorative gilt mirror-31.5″Lx21″H

Decorative pillows, stationary, album, hair removal system

Group of bath linens and bedding

Group of baskets, artificial plants, and misc. décor

2 silverplate antique baskets

Contents of cabinet; glassware and stemware

Box set of 6 Princess House crystal coasters

Cabinet of glass stemware including etched

Cabinet of silverplate serving pieces, crystal pineapple covered dishes, and silver plate wire baskets

2 boxes of Royal Worcester Christmas place mats; holly ribbons

Ceramic pumpkins, placemats, and misc. décor

Drawer full of napkins, doilys, silverplate utensils, and misc. tableware

Drawer full of table linens, napkin rings, and misc. tableware

Aluminum and metal serving trays, pimpernle, fondue pot, chip and dip tray

Mid-century Georges Briard ice bucket w/ brass lid

Drawer of serving trays, white and gold serving dish, and placemats

Drawer of table linens, placemats inc. lace

White and gold porcelain serving dish-diameter 14″

Brass and crystal pineapple candleholder

4 aluminum pineapple serving tray-length of largest 23″

Cabinet of metal and silverplate serving trays; Rosenthal crystal stemware

Shelf w/plastic pineapple stemware, glass cakestand, other plastic drinkware

Bowls, plastic cups, glassware, bowls and misc.

Ceramic bowls and pineapple mugs, Hydrangea plates, strawberry street footed bowls

Group of ceramic Christmas décor, baskets, bowls, and English bone china

Carved painted wood pineapple shelf- 13″H

Pair of wood corbels and pineapple wall shelfs

James W Tufts Victorian silverplate bride’s basket

Metal serving dishes, cocktail and wine coolers, wooden pineapple dishes and misc.

Limoges porcelain pineapple box

Collection of resin and porcelain pineapples, teapots, and candleholders

Christmas and pineapple related paper plates, napkins, and snowman napkin rings

Portuguese white ceramic fruit topiaries-15″ height

Wedgewood jasperware owl egg

Group of pineapple décor; porcelain tray, salt and pepper shakers, stationary, metal ornaments, brass paper towel holder and more

Group of Easter décor; place card holders, white and gold porcelain rabbits

Owl figurines and collectibles, including embroidered pictures; dimensions of pictures-11.5″x9.5″

2 Royal Doulton festival bone china Christmas trays

Group of Christmas décor, wreaths, coffee mugs

Marquis by Waterford crystal bowl

Group of kitchenware, glassware, and décor; saltshakers, wine ornaments, etc.

Dusty aqua dinnerware and plastic drinking glasses

Paper napkins, potholders, kitchen towels, pop-up greeting cards, picture frame, tins, baskets, new pineapple cutting board

Victorian corner whatnot shelf- Height 57″

3 framed prints-dimension of largest 31″x25.5″

Oval mirror in a wood frame-30.5″x23″

Brass table lamp and picture frame

Le Jardon Au Printemps print-39″x27″

Victorian chromolithograph print in a giltwood frame-27.5″x23.25″

Victorian organ stool-height 19″

Group of 11 figurines mostly porcelain, including Japan

Resin table lamp; height 30″

Table linens, new bath towels, new bedding (king sheets)

2 silverplate trays width 19.5″, metal tray, picture

White ceramic covered dish w/ fruit lid

Victorian silverplate and glass pickle caster

Metal filigree mirror vanity tray

4 gold tone resin cherub musicians- height of tallest 15″

Gold tone resin Christmas trees, angel finials, and Santa; height of tallest 18″

Resin cross, resin bird, ornate gold tone bowl, and misc. décor

Christmas themed tree, decorative resin urn, resin angels, Christmas décor, and Santa figurines

Pair of large shannon crystal candlesticks-height 10.25″

Annalee Santa figures

Christmas candle pins, bobeches, Hallmark keepsake ornament, office trays, framed print (17″x14″), and misc. decor

White ceramic Italian cherub compote- height 18.25″

Hydrangea topiary in a brass lion claw urn-3.5 ft.

Gilt resin décor including lamp, cherub statue, and a brass lamp (25″H)

Group of small Christmas trees- height of tallest 21.5″

TV stand- height 13.5″

Gilt metal basket centerpiece with painted tray-basket 13″H by 17″L

Antique fashion prints dimensions of longest 12.5″

3 framed pictures and a mirror- dimensions of largest 28″

Desk items, clock, baskets, 3 white ceramic angel candleholders (height 11.5″)

Glass candleholder, pineapple bowl, crackle glass, Christmas tree bowl, etc.

Mirror 27″x24″

Cane work chair w/upholstered seat-27″ height

Shelf full of poinsettias

Shelf of small artificial Christmas trees, lamp

Shelf full of small to medium size lamp shades

Victorian cast iron bed frame

Kid’s bike

2 ironing boards

Sleigh bed style baby crib

2 croquet sets

Decorative wood sleigh & baskets

Set of gold clubs

Smoker’s stand, height : 24″

Sewing/newspaper stand (broken) w/ bird feeder Height of stand: 25″

Buffalo scale

Resin pineapple décor, ceramic rabbit, silverplate utensils, & misc.

Wingback floral armchair

Pair of corbels

Condiment set with tray, food sealer, and 4 picture frames

Annalee reindeer, Christmas placements, Vera Bradley clutch, Baggallini clutch, Christmas tree

2 porcelain figurines, etched stemware, final, rabbit S&P

Costume jewelry women’s watches

2 framed perfume prints, needlepoint pillow, phone case (iPhone 4S0, blood pressure monitors, bowl

Box of Easter décor, musical rabbit figurines, artificial plants Easter lights, cake server, Easter tree

Porcelain Christmas, glassware including bon-bon dish, cake plate, chip and dip plates,

Christmas porcelain ware, 2 porcelain dinnerware sets, porcelain Christmas gravy boat, and etc.

Christmas owl teapot, S&P shakers, 2 festive mug sets,  6 holiday tumblers, misc. Christmas décor.

Haeger ceramic planter, wedding décor, candles, misc.

Vintage tennis racquets, pineapple décor, pumpkin décor

Composite gilt mirror, apple décor, silverplate candle holder, blown glass pumpkin, Christmas décor, misc.

Music box, misc. décor, light-up angel figurine, accent lamp, & misc.

Christmas décor, tree toppers, Santa figurines, reindeer,

Mercury glass décor, brass ribbon planter stake, candle rings, pineapple décor, angel figurines

Pineapple ornaments, misc. Christmas décor, resin angel figurine, large ornament

Resin nutcracker set, other resin Christmas décor

A large group of gilt glass ornaments, including 24k gilt ornaments

Wreaths & lighted tree. Height of tree 21″

Santa figurines, resin Nativity scene, Christmas angel, & Christmas lights. Height of tallest 15″

Christmas lights, indoor extension cords, 2 plant pots

Holiday ribbon, angel place card holders, white & gold reindeer, gold tone angel ornaments

Christmas décor, box of gold tone resin angels, gold tone glass ornaments, crochet angels,

Silvestri Santa music figurine, 2 porcelain figurines, small Christmas trees (various sizes) Height of tallest: 15″

Box of Christmas décor, including resin décor & décor; small Christmas trees

Curio cabinet. Dimensions: 71″H x 20″W x 15″D

Pair of canework chairs

Wicker stand w/pineapple lamp. Height of stand:22″

2 3′ rugs

Wood framed mirror. 34′ x 23″

Assortment of Christmas ornaments, bows, & large resin ornament

Artificial poinsettias, Christmas ribbon,

Christmas ornaments, Nativity figurines, resin angels, & misc. Christmas décor

Box of gold tone Christmas décor including ribbons

Box of gold Christmas décor including reindeer figurines, beads, & misc.

Christmas décor, including ornaments, electric candles, Annalee Santa, Bethany Lowe figurine, & other décor

4 drawer metal file cabinet

Desk organizer, resin flowerpot, table lamp, lampshades

Glass pumpkins, silverplate pot, candle, candle holders, basket, pitcher & bowl

Halloween décor including wreaths, witch’s boot, black cats, misc.

Pineapple décor, pumpkin décor, & misc. resin décor

Ormolu & beveled glass jewelry box & clock

Silverplate planter, glass planters, pumpkin & pineapple décor

Villa Verde creamers, décor, baskets, artificial grapes

Peacock lamp

Pumpkins, hardware, candle holders, & picture frames

Thanksgiving & fall décor, including figurines, pumpkins, turkey figurines (2 boxes)

Fall décor including wreath, pumpkins, witch tree topper, pilgrim figurines & misc. (2 boxes)

Shelf, baskets, planters, serving tray, & artificial plants

2 boxes of Halloween décor, light-up pumpkins, cats, signs & pilgrims

2 shelves of décor, including pineapples, gilt mirror serving tray, resin corbels, pottery vases & misc

Large resin urn, artificial hydrangea and pineapples, and decorative pumpkin

Picture frames, candle holders, frames & misc. décor

Flat of glassware & décor including vases

Group of decorative pillows & bedspread

pineapple stocking, pineapple door stops, tassels, trim, & misc.

Small corner whatnot shelf & table linens

Victorian table leg/corbel & three small pictures. Length of table leg: 26″




















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